AMA #12 How to Arrange Dates In Different Cities – Get Out of the Sex Tourist Category!

May 31, 2019 - 1 minute read

Hello guys and welcome back to the ask me anything series!

A quick pit stop into the office again to get this recording out for you guys.

I have had a busy two weeks with back to back coaching and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down with all the uptake on my seven day programmes.

Such a great calibre of questions this week, here are some of your questions:

– What’s the best way to meet and get dates in different countries and cities?
– How do you get over toxic relationship / How to get over someone for good?
– What are the best part time jobs to improve your confidence?

How do you build up confidence within yourself after a rough relationship?
– What do I think of moving to a city?

– How to lose your virginity in your thirties?
– Why women are attracted to older men?

What do I think about sleeping with an 18 year old?

– Can bad hygiene be excused?

How to deal with someone who’s is being a bitch?

– How to plan a nice surprise for your girlfriend?

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Have a great week gang!