AMA #13 What’s Hot and What’s Not? Do Looks Matter? – How Do You Develop Your Sense of Humour?

June 7, 2019 - 1 minute read

Hi Guys

Welcome back for episode 13!

In this weeks broadcast:

– What’s hot and what’s not? Do looks matter?

- How do you develop your sense of humour?
– How to sleep with as many girls as possible
– How can I look good with a budget up to $700
– How to keep my nerves down before my date with a girl I met online
– I work in a restaurant as a waiter, when’s the best time to go over to the girls table and get her number?
– What’s the best way to keep a long term relationship
– How to approach someone in the street after seeing them ride by on a scooter?
– What’s better? Meeting women online or offline?
– Is a long distance relationship really worth it?

Always a pleasure guys and remember if you want your questions answered tune in every Tuesday