AMA #14 When Is The Right Time to Introduce Sex Into The Relationship?? 🤔

June 14, 2019 - 2 minutes read

Hi Listeners

Hope you’ve all had a fantastic week.

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Impactful Connections Workshop

I’ve just finished 190 hrs of back to back coaching, that’s three seven day programmes in a row so I may sound a bit exhausted in this one. Needless to say I think there’s a lot of good content there.

Here’s what we covered on this episode:

– How to cultivate a relationship for those who are a workaholic
– How do I feel about dating a woman who had kids?
– Do I hook up with 10’s?
– Have you ever told been in a situation where the other person always wants to be right or vice versa?
– Why it’s important to avoid triggers
– Whats the correct time frame to introduce sex into the relationship?
– How do you make a relationship work?
– How to get a ‘same day lay’
– Where is the best place to meet my ideal woman?
– What happens if a girl ignores you?
– How do I get the girl even know she’s in a relationship?
– Have I met the Queen?
– How can one change the vibe of the interaction?
– What Is Love?
– What do I think of the Alpha male?
– My favourite cities

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See you next week guys!

– J