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February 25, 2019 - 4 minutes read

Hi Guys
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This is right up there as one of my favourite interviews!

It was 2017 and approach coach Dan and I were having breakfast at Mel’s Diner on Sun Set Blvd in West Hollywood when all of a sudden we got chatting to the guy next to us. That guy next to us was Greg Sholars.


We immediately started sharing each others stories and before we got really into it I stopped the conversation mid flow and asked him if he wouldn’t mind jumping in on a podcast. To my delight he said yes πŸ™‚

I always say opportunity is everywhere and I’m glad I captured this opportunity as I feel this interview was the most motivating interviews I have done to date.

Greg Sholars is the CEO of Athletic Performance Ranch (AP Ranch). A performance compound that specialises in teaching children high performance sporting programmes.

Not only is he a fantastic coach but he has some incredible insights that have direct cross over to many other areas of your life. His story is incredible.

His sporting achievements include:

– Record holder in 4/100m relay in which while at TCU he ran on 3 national titles teams in that event In high school he held the state of Texas record in the 100m for over two decades

– 8-time NCAA All American and 3-time NCAA National Champion.

In this podcast you will learn:

– How to get up when you’re down
– Learning how to better yourself
– How to get over mental barriers
– There are no problems, just situations
– The Importance of gratitude
– The Importance of having faith within yourself
– The Importance of money management
– The 5% rule
– The importance of exposing yourself to unfamiliar environments

Enjoy this one

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