Men Vs Women In Online Dating – What You Can Learn From A Talk I Gave To An All Female Audience

October 7, 2017 - 1 minute read

Hi guys, so in this episode of the podcast we cover quite a lot. I share with you what women’s main concerns and insecurities are in the world of online dating.

Highlights of my recent talk I did for Killing Kittens female members.

Online dating

– You are a brand
– Dating apps are not to blame for the hook up culture, find out why
– Do you know your audience?
– Are you using your friends as bate?

Offline dating

– What’s going through a woman’s ming when they see someone they like

– What you should do if you keep on experiencing drop off’s after a few dates

– How to give a compliment with out coming across creepy

– Music that can help in your relationship

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