Toy boys and Ex-girlfriends: Talk Radio interviews Johnny Cassell

January 3, 2019 - 2 minutes read

Hi Guys,

I’m not just a leading relationship coach in the UK. I’m also an author and have a number of books out for purchase.

This episode of the podcast is taken from my interview with Talk Talk Radio. In it, I discuss my book, How To Get Your Ex Back, toy boys, plus much, much more…


Getting better at interacting with women and becoming more confident and assertive is a matter of active choice and perseverance.

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Johnny Cassell is a leading voice in the world of seduction and dating. He runs regular workshops designed to help men of high net worth find their core confidence and attract the type of woman they truly desire.

Johnny has also been operating bespoke one-on-one 7-Day courses and successfully helping elite, professional men from all over the world smash through their boundaries.

His behaviorist approach has given him platforms on Sky News, BBC Radio, The Sunday Times, The Evening Standard, LBC, and The Metro. Johnny has been guiding men along the path to self-realisation since 2005.

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