The Los Angeles Workshop

Johnny Cassell’s Los Angeles Workshop will change your life!

I've Got A Plan For You


The Seven Day Immersive Experience In Los Angeles

Every year we hold a seven ay experience in the heart of West Hollywood. The seven days consists of visiting all of the hot spots the city has to offer including: Venice Beach, West Hollywoods hottest and most vibrant nightlife scene. The HollyWood sign, Griffin Observatory, Beverly Hills, The Grove and Hollywood Boulevard to name a few.

Live With The Team!

Not only will you be amongst a group of guys that live, sweat and breath this lifestyle but you will also get the opportunity to be a live in resident at the Los Angeles Retreat (please ask for details).

This really is a once in a lifetime opportunity. When else would you have the opportunity to get this close to guys that have spent their lifetime teaching and perfecting their ability in the social arts. The possibilities when you acquire these skills are endless!

(Student arriving for his seven day immersion live in experience in West Hollywood)

(Dayle the team stylist on the seven day immersion experience working with the student)

Example of accommodation from last years trip

This is a fantastic experience for those that one to have a break away and at the same time take on board real life changing principles that will stay with you for the rest of your life. As we keep this to a small group we do tailor the coaching around each individual that attends. Here are some examples of some of the focal points that can be expected in the week:


✅ Positive thinking and mindset management 

✅ Becoming more playful

✅ Daytime approaching 

✅ Evening approaching 

✅ Entourage game 

✅ Conversation coaching

✅ Understanding intimacy – when and how to introduce it

✅ Follow up procedures 

✅ Building emotional connections

✅ Style and Image refinement 

✅ Social media and online dating tutorials 

✅ Lifestyle strategy and management 

✅ Goal setting

✅ What I have learnt over 13 years of refining mens dating and social skills


I want you to get the most our of your experience so by definition myself and my team will push you when needed.

This trip is for those that have decided that now is the time to do something about their situation and enough time has passed thinking  that the objects they desire are somehow going to miraculously fall into their lap.

I can personally guarantee that this will be one of the most life changing and reality altering trips of your life.

It’s not for everyone but for those that do choose to allow themselves to open up to this experience… prepare for your world to be expanded.

I look forward to welcoming you onto the trip.

– Johnny