AMA #11 Do ‘Leagues’ Really Exist? And What’s The Best Way To Level Up Your Game?

May 27, 2019 - 1 minute read

Hello everybody

A quick one today as this week I have been absolutely back to back with one to one coaching. I’m literally non stop with over 190hrs of seven day programmes.

So here’s a quick pit stop from me in the office to knock this one out for you guys before I get back out there.

Here are your questions this week:

– Should you work on losing weight?
If there are no leagues, What’s the best way to step up your game?
– Have I ever been slapped by a girl?
– How do you approach women at a grocery store? 

– How many hours do you walk around on a seven day programme?
How to approach girls with a wingman?
– What are some conversation starters to help you with conversation?

Remember, you can ask your questions every Tuesday: