AMA #16 Sick Of Getting Pied? Here’s What To Do If There’s Still No Intimacy After Three Dates!

July 4, 2019 - 2 minutes read

Hi guys

We had a fantastic workshop on Saturday that included a gent that flew over from Italy that had recently come out of a 20 year relationship with his former partner. The last time he had approached a woman outside of his relationship was when he was 18!

During the programme we covered everything from having the correct mindset, removing any unwanted thoughts, communicating interest, staying away from the friend zone, getting a phone number and even taking someone on a date right there and then.

It was an absolute joy to work with this individual and was amazing to experience him take a woman he had literally just met from the street straight into a date.

After 20 years of not approaching and carrying negative emotions and beliefs from what his ex partner had told him such as “You’ll never find anyone better than me” – This was a huge breakthrough for him.

If you’re curious about what you could get out of the experience then just take a moment to shoot me an email: [email protected] and we’ll take a closer look as to where you are on your journey.

Your questions this week:

– Where to find women that you are attracted to
– How to show that you are angry in a relationship
– How do you handle missing a woman?
– How to deal with an alpha male in a group situation
– What to do if after three dates there is still no intimacy?
– How to beat the joker?
– How to beat a guy who is a millionaire?
– Do I think online dating has ruined the dating industry?
– How to improve the idea you have of yourself?

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See you all next week!