AMA #5 Johnny Cassell – Can The Loner Get The Hot Girl… Let’s Find Out!

April 11, 2019 - 3 minutes read

Hi Podcasters

I have had a lot going on this week, two documentaries, the recording of my audio book and also planning the launch of my brand new book “Elite Seduction: Actionable tools for love dating and seduction’.

This will be available at the end of the month through amazon:

I’ve been really enjoying sticking to my commitment of jumping on these live broadcasts every Tuesday. I feel the questions keep getting better and better and thats thanks to you guys, so well done for being part of the broadcast!

In this episode I asked the below questions:

– How can I improve my conversations?
– Can a loner get a hot girl?
– How do I let someone down gently?
– How important is dress sense?
– How to get over my ‘next day anxiety’?
– Plus much much more!


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