AMA #8 Johnny Cassell: Are You Dating A Narcissistic Pervert??

May 2, 2019 - 5 minutes read

Hi Listeners

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So I open up this weeks episode on the subject of bereavement. What brings me onto this subject is the emotional rollercoaster my mother went on when she thought that her pet rabbit might not make it through the night after a visit to the vet.

I think it’s a really important issue to touch on as we all experience losing loved ones in our lives but the question is: how are we supposed to deal with it?

The advice I shared with my mother was to focus on the joy that this being had brought into her life. To celebrate the happiness it had gave her.

A tough mindset to shift into but it certainly helps you navigate through the level of emotional impact that something like this is going to have on you.

It’s a reminder that every day has it’s passing and with that, everyday needs to be celebrated.

Be thankful for what the day gives and live a life full of gratitude.

Anyway… Don’t worry, that certainly doesn’t set the theme for the whole show!

We had a great episode with some really awesome questions asked:

– How to get over a loss with someone you have an emotional bond with someone
– How to deal with a narcissistic pervert
– What football team do I follow?
– How do you know If you’re a good lover in the bedroom?
– How do I move the conversation into a more sexual direction?
– Why you’ve got to stimulate the mind before you stimulate the body
– What is the creepy guy and how to avoid coming across as one?
– How many books have I wrote and how does Elite Seduction compare to the book ‘The Game’
– The mindset you have to be in to be at your best socially
– My thoughts on the book ‘The Mystery Method’
– The importance of slowing down everything that you do in order to build tension
– The two films that you should watch to understand my wold a lot better
– Should I approach women and ask them for coffee If I have approach anxiety
– Is it normal for girls to cry when under pressure?
– Other than bars or clubs where can single people go to meet new people
– What is NOT attractive?
– How to deal with a diva

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