AMA #9 Johnny Cassell: Should You Feel Insecure About the Amount of Women You’ve Slept With?

May 10, 2019 - 4 minutes read

Hi guys

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So It’s Episode #9 of the Ask Me Anything Series…

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Questions in this weeks episode:

1. How to avoid the yawn zone? Sometimes I bore myself because I never have anything to say… 

Be Curious 


Challenge someone in their response

– Use assumptions as opposed to stacking up questions
– The 

Trick is to get bored of hearing yourself say the same thing over and over again so it forces you mind into a more creative place.
– Take more risks. If you don’t take risks you risk everything.

2. How to be charming like James Bond

– Dress well 

– Master your tone of voice, pace and the subtle use of language

- slow your behaviour down
– engage and hold eye contact to build tension

3. Should you set yourself a large number of approaches to do every week?

– 5 a day Is very doable

4. Whats the attitude to have when you approach women

– To be playful
– Expand their mind towards new experiences and ideas

5. Do you think that getting to the gym and becoming a monster is important to attract women?

– No, but being in shape certainly gives you the advantage
The most interesting persons in the room is not the one that is making the loudest noise. It’s the person that asked the right questions.

6. Whats the difference between love and lust?


– Lust is a desire for instant gratification and love is when you are emotionally invested

7. Should you put rubber insoles in your shoes if you’re short?


– Option-able
– Work on becoming bold

8. What to do when a girl it messaging you at 03:00 am?


– Transition into a phone call and turn up the heat!

– What shall I do about feeling insecure about my lack of dating experience whist in a relationship?


– In my opinion get it out of your system

10. What’s next for Johnny?


– More books
– More events
– Lots more content 🙂

11. Why do teenage boys get super needy when it comes to young girls


– Lack of experience
– Lack of abundance

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– Johnny