AMA EP #18 Did You Catch Me On The W Channel with Emily Atack?! #Adulting

July 25, 2019 - 2 minutes read

Hi Guys

Here’s my update for this week:

I’ve had clients flying in for their seven day programmes from Germany, Sweden and the states this week. It’s always great to work with men from all sorts of ages and all sorts backgrounds .

Did you spot me on TV?

I was on TV this week with the lovely Emily Atack on the W channel for her series #Adulting. In the episode we discussed what it’s like to date in your thirties?

Did you spot me in the news?

Off the back of this feature that aired this Wednesday I was then mentioned in the mail online

You can read it here:

Your questions this week:

– How does meeting women in the day compare to meeting women in the evening?
– How to communicate you’re looking for a relationship
– What is the best book to improve your conversation skills with women?
– Why would a partner want to go on a break or need to take some time out?
– Would you say drinking and taking drugs has a negative effect on meeting women?
– As the football season is fast approaching do you think it’s a good idea to take a girl to a game as a first date?
– Is it better to go out with the mindset of being social or to seek out dates?
– Is there such thing as too much dating?
– Is it possible to have a relationship whilst still trying to get good at meeting other women?
– How do I get more social?
– What’s my opinion on having a girlfriend vs going out and meeting many girls?
– What’s my advise as a first timer going to Killing Kittens?
– How do you build tension with someone in isolation?

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