AMA EP #20 Would You Know How To Deal With Her Racist Parents?

August 7, 2019 - 2 minutes read

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Ok, so we went straight into it this week guys with some really solid questions:

– My girlfriends mother is racist, how do I deal with such a situation?

- I introduced my self to this girl who sits across to me at work should the next step to be to take her out for coffee?

- What do I actually do?

- What is love?

- Now I’ve given up drinking, what is the best way to come across as not boring when I go out for drinks?

– How difficult is it to get a proper girlfriend and get married?

- How do I get over my feeling of nervousness?

– What is reframing and how and when do we use it?
– How do you know that someone loves you?
– Can you work on yourself and have a date at the same time?
– I don’t know how to be nice to ladies, sometimes I’m rude without even realising how do I fix this?
– Have I ever had more that one girlfriend?
– Is paying for dinner the right thing to do?
– Can a relationship work where the girl you’re dating is going around dating multiple guys for expensive meals?
– Where is a place to meet single women?

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