AMA EP #21 Enough Of The Bull S*** Opportunity Is Everywhere – Stop Hiding Behind Your Excuses!

August 11, 2019 - 3 minutes read

Hi guys,

I open up this episode sharing with you my most recent catch up with one of my mentorship clients. It’s remarkable with what can happen when you really put the time and effort in.

My client suffered a lot from being too much in his head due to his profession which involved a lot of technical analytics. What you learn from following my stuff is that in order to really take advantage of opportunity you have to be very present and responsive so for him this was going to be quite a journey.

I’m not going to give it all away but let’s just say he is really enjoying the benefits from the time spent with each other and is a completely changed man.

A million miles away from the version of himself he once was that would procrastinate and pander on the ‘what if’s and ‘buts’. He is now a man of action.

I also share with you an important conversation I had on a recent consultation where a gent insisted that at the age of 43 has not had a single opportunity come his way… Now of course this is absolute nonsense. Take a listen to hear what I have to say about that.

Your questions this week:

- What should I do when she’s say’s she’s busy when I arrange a date?

– Do I still masturbate?
– What is confidence?
– How to use communication effectively and more clearly
– Advice for showing up as your best self for a job interview
– Where do you draw the line from being too nice and being too much of a douche?
– How do you start an interesting conversation?
– How do you stay in a long distance relationship for so long?
– Is being short a disadvantage in the dating game?
– Should you approach a girl even if you are not feeling good?
– How to make a move on the girl at work
– I often have problems with my anxiety how do I get started?
– Do women like sex more than us?
– The most important book you need to get in order to understand female sexuality
– How to behave in a club if you feel awkward or nervous?

Thanks again for listening and to those that contributed with their questions!

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