AMA EP #22 Are Your Phone Numbers ACTUALLY Converting? Steal My Formula Right Here!

August 14, 2019 - 2 minutes read

Hi guys

Welcome back to episode 22 of the ask me anything series. Broadcasted live on my instagram channel @LondonDatingCoach – distributed everywhereeeeee!.

Workshop this week: August 17th in London

Your questions:

– how do you get a girl to notice you?
– I have a great personality but I always get friend zoned and I’ve never had a girlfriend, how do I change this?
– I’m always shy to tell a girl that I love them, how do I do it?
– Last weekend I plucked up the courage to ask a girl for her number but she said “I have a boyfriend” Should I have of just got out of there or carried on being persistent?
– Is being the loudest person in the room the best way of getting attention?
– My thoughts on texting and following up?
– Is it better to use open questions to make people think?
– Why do they say let’s just be friends even after kissing?
– In which city or country do I find women to be ore receptive to an approach?
– Who’s been my mentors?
– Whats my favourite place to meet women in the daytime in London?
– When’s the right time to go in for the kiss?
– How to approach someone to be your mentor
– I’ve been so hurt in the past and have no faith in men anymore how can I get back into the dating arena?
– How do you quickly start a conversation with someone on the street knowing – that you may not ever see her again?

There you go guys, another fantastic live for you all to enjoy. Join the tribe every week and follow me on instagram @LondonDatingCoach and get your questions answered every Tuesday at 22:45 GMT.

See you again next week folks!