AMA #Ep15 Here’s What Happened When Johnny Went in For The Kiss When He Met Joan Collins 🙈🙈

June 27, 2019 - 1 minute read

Hi Guys

I’m back once again with another chunk of questions to blitz through provided by YOU – the people. Thank you for tuning in every week and providing me with some great content to go through. It’s starting to feel quite like an extended family now and we are only getting bigger!

U.S.A Event update:

Los Angeles: November 4th – 10th seven day programme

Los Angeles November 10th Impactful Connection Workshop


Your questions this week:

– Why it’s important to allow yourself to be vulnerable
– A closer look and understanding of your ego and how it effects your daily and longterm outcomes
– Shall I throw out all of the possessions of my ex girlfriend and her daughter?
– Where can you go to meet a wife?
– Why I hate the expression ‘daygame’
– How to deal with a negative co-worker
– Does Johnny have a woman in his life?
– What do I think about the age difference between men and women?
– Is Johnny going to Germany?
– How do you beat a guy that copies you?

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I look forward to answering your questions next time.

– Johnny