Ask Me Anything with Johnny Cassell and guest co – host Moprah

March 21, 2019 - 3 minutes read

Johnny brings on his buddy Mo aka ‘Moprah’ to guest co-host this weeks Ask Me Anything broadcast over instagram.

Key questions addressed in this episode:

– Johnny and Mo’s story of friendship
– How to get respect from women
– What are core social skills to make women feel more comfortable around you

– Tips for when you are talking too much in an approach
– How do I follow up once i’ve got the number?
– How to deal with asperges?
– How do you assess if someone is using you as a rebound?
– When do I cross the bridge when in a long distance relationship?
– How to tackle baldness

As you can see there was some great questions asked, I personally really enjoyed this episode but what did you guys think?

Shall we have ‘Moprah’ back on as a guest co-host?

Shall we make ‘Moprah’ a permanent feature?

Until next time guys

– JC

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