This is a public service announcement going out to anyone looking to get ahead in the dating game. A dating coach might be just the thing to take you out of your comfort. 

Australia is notorious for sun, sea, and surf, and with it, stunning, outgoing women. Melbourne is a cultural hub in the Southern hemisphere, and a romantic escape into the wilderness is never too far away.

It’s also a huge country to explore together, meaning that spontaneity can come easy to a fledgling relationship. Amazing nightlife also contributes to that atmosphere.

Boisterous confidence is easy to come by down under, so you have to find inventive ways of standing out from the pack. You have to have a personality to match the backdrop – and more.

This is where a dating coach steps in. They can help you step up to the plate and deliver, sharpening up your conversational over a series of interaction and putting interactions in a new, exciting context.

I’ve been leading men on this journey for 15 years, and I’ve loved every second of it. I provide intensive, bespoke one-to-one tutoring and have run workshops for thousands of guys seeking to better themselves.

Some clients merely need a helping hand breaking out of their comfort zone, while others might not be as time-rich and able to dedicate a chunk of time to improving this part of their lives.

Many just need a dedicated wing-man, focused on enhancing their skillset.

I’ll help you explore what it is you truly want from talking to women, what type of woman you want, and how to socially position yourself for the best access to your ideal type of woman.

You’ll learn how to keep conversation flowing, surefire methods for creating mystery and sexual excitement through your openers, and skills for escalating the encounter from a fun chat in a bar to an intense sexual experience.

Explore how to get phone numbers whether you’re out at lunch in Melbourne City Center or chilling on the beach in Canberra.

We’ll also work on the platform on which you’d build every approach – confidence. Confidence comes from a life that is in order and the constant process of building and improving yourself.

This means I also sit down with you and strategise everything from professional goals to wardrobe choices. I make sure that everything is in place for you start making an impression as soon as walk away from the sessions and into any club.

At that point, the real adventure begins.

Get in touch to learn more about how my services could start changing your life today.

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