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Johnny is more than just a professional dating coach.

Via his sell-out workshops you will learn about:

  • Conversations that leave a lasting impression
  • Dealing with your own “self limiting” beliefs
  • Creating an attractive lifestyle
  • Understanding of a man’s purpose
  • Social anxiety issues
  • Self awareness of your goals and wants
  • Mastering body language
  • Understanding the laws of attraction and implementing them
  • Building self esteem and confidence
  • Working on your own self image and identity
  • Vocal training and tonality

As a dating specialist Johnny is here to help you make your mark and enjoy a far better life through being more self-confident in your outlook, your image and your success rates with amazing women who you “really” want to be with.

Just as you have a driving instructor, Johnny is your vehicle to success with women.  Get in touch today and see how things can quickly change for the better.

Would you like to have more success with women?  Introducing Johnny Cassell, an elite dating coach in Moscow.  If you have little success, zero success or would like to enjoy more success with women and your own personal life then please keep reading.

Johnny Cassell is an English man who has been actively improving his own social and dating skills since 2005.  Working exclusively on his own self improvement he has since gone on to extend his help to thousands of men round the world, enabling them to not only triple their success rates but to also enjoy thoroughly exciting lives.

As a professional dating coach, Johnny has been helping men find out where they have been going wrong and then working with them one on one, or via Skype calls, or through one of his many sell-out workshops.

As a dating trainer, he can also help you right your wrongs as a weekend wingman.

Whether you have had issues in the past through rejection, or have a low self belief about your own image Johnny will help put all of this behind you and you can soon see how most things are purely inside your own mind.

He is a human behaviourist and studies and teaches psychology and body language.  In short, if you ask for help from Johnny you will soon begin to enjoy a far more interesting life where every day is new and exciting.  A world where you find it easy to get a girls number, talk to a girl, and ultimately meet the girl of your dreams!

Johnny doesn’t only just “talk the talk”.  He actively walks the walk, making him stand out form the many other so-called dating consultant services.


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