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Achieve mastery with this intensive week-long course

If you want to make INCREDIBLE PROGRESS in a short amount of time, you need to be coached by the best.

Seminars, workshops and in-field practice will all help hone your skills. But if you want to smash through your limitations and completely TRANSFORM your success with women than the immersive 7 DAY PROGRAMME is your best possible option.

Over the course of 7 DAYS and 7 NIGHTS, you’ll receive exclusive one-on-one training with Johnny Cassell, one the world’s best-known professionals in the world of seduction. To make sure that no area is left uncovered, you’ll also receive support from members of his ELITE hand-picked team in areas such as style, exercise and mindset.

With this intensive LIFE-CHANGING course, you’ll achieve MASTERY in the arts of dating and seduction. You’ll be able to approach and connect with any women, anywhere.

We’ll help you achieve this by creating a PERSONALIZED training programme, tailored exactly to your specific goals and sticking points. This will allow us to focus on the areas that are really holding you back and therefore make rapid progress. Over the course of a week you’ll be forced out of your comfort zone and pushed to achieve things you never thought possible.

When we’re finished, you’ll be able to EFFORTLESLY attract the WOMEN YOU DESIRE. You’ll have learned the best skills and techniques to approach, build lasting attraction and close, from one of the world’s most INNOVATIVE and SUCCESSFUL dating coaches.

This is the FASTEST and MOST EFFECTIVE way to start living the life you always dreamed.

Soon you’ll belong to that exclusive group of people able to SEDUCE women in any situation.

And then it will be your friends asking you for advice.

Even olympic champions need coaches

It doesn’t matter what your skill-level is. You may already get great results and want to take your skills to the NEXT LEVEL. Or you could be completely inexperienced with women. Johnny Cassell has helped thousands of guys around the world achieve MIND-BLOWING results.

The life-changing 7 DAY PROGRAMME includes:

Exclusive one-on-one coaching with Johnny Cassell – one of world’s most EFFECTIVE and INNOVATIVE dating experts.

For 7 DAYS + NIGHTS you’ll be his own personal project as he works to transform your dating life forever.

A full evaluation and breakdown of all your sticking points, based on your past experiences and your deepest goals.

A tailored approach designed exactly for your needs – this ensures MAXIMUM RESULTS in the quickest time

Hours of in-field practice with Johnny Cassell who will provide expert feedback and act as your own personal WINGMAN so success is guaranteed.

Complete MASTERY of all elements of day game – from hitting the streets to picking up hotties on the tube

Conquer night game – You’ll get a glimpse of Johnny’s lifestyle as you hit the most EXCLUSIVE night-spots and learn to interact and succeed with the beautiful and successful women

Advice on all elements of your life from Johnny’s team of EXPERTS which include style gurus, personal trainers and performance psychologists.


Register Now £17000

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Pay the remainder with our flexible monthly payment plan.


Pay the remainder with our flexible monthly payment plan.

Start living the rockstar life you always wanted – in just 7 days

The 7 DAY PROGRAMME is a completely UNIQUE EXPERIENCE. You’ll have the opportunity to spend a full week with one of the world’s leading experts in dating and seduction. Johnny will focus all of his experience and knowledge with one goal: helping you achieve incredible SUCCESS with women. You’ll not believe the results that you achieve.

A week does not sound like a long time, but it’s enough to change your life. Johnny will leave no stone left unturned as he gives you the skills and the know-how to TRANSFORM your life. By the end of the course you’ll hardly recognize the person you once were. The only thing you’ll regret is waiting so long to take ACTION.

Contact johnny now to see if there’s availability

Johnny has clients all over the world and is frequently travelling. His schedule is always stacked and so he only has the capacity to run five courses each year. There is just one person on each course, and Johnny is very selective with who he is willing to share his time and expertise with.

Send Johnny an email here with some background information about yourself and a breakdown of the goals you want to achieve as well as what you think is holding you back. Johnny will evaluate it and if he thinks you are ready to take-on this course and have the mindset to succeed he will look at his schedule and get back to you.

Johnny invests a huge amount in his students and is inundated with requests for private coaching – most of which he turns down.  He has made this course available – at reduced rates – because he knows it has the capability to completely change someone’s life. But he’s only interested in sharing his time with people who are committed and, most importantly, are the type of people he wants to see succeed. Johnny likes helping the good guys win. He has a very strict no-douche policy!

The Course

Over the course of 7 days and 7 nights, you will receive exclusive one-on-one training with an experienced trainer and one of the top professionals in the art of seduction, Johnny Cassell.

This intense course will see you progress into a master seducer. It doesn’t matter whether you already get results or are completely inexperienced with women. Taking on this course means you will be getting intimate, personal training that focuses on forcing you out of your comfort zone and working on any sticking points.

This is the best way to help you become the best you can possibly be.

By the end of the course you will be able to attract women you want, having learned all the best tips and techniques to approach, build attraction and close.

You will belong to that exclusive group of people able to seduce women in any situation.

london's best dating coach

The Coach

Johnny Cassell has years of dating and seducing experience behind him, having started applying himself infield in 2005.

In a short time, Johnny has achieved self-attained success, working with some of the leading professionals in the field.

No matter what your current experience with women, Johnny will work with you to bring out your strengths to get the results you want. His feedback and coaching are personally tailored to offer the advice that is most relevant to you.

The Structure

Day one will start you off by sitting down with Johnny as he gets to know a bit about your relationship background, any sticking points you think you may already have, and what you want to achieve by the end of the week. This essential first session lets Johnny get to know you and allows him to grasp a firm idea of how to angle his training throughout the seven days.

Delving into your past and revealing yourself may feel uncomfortable, but the whole course hinges on the leaving of this comfort zone as the goals you want to achieve will often exist outside of this.

Following an introduction to day-game, you will go straight in to some infield practice. Johnny will observe each interaction, listen to how it goes and give you feedback, ready to try in the next approach.

The evening will start with night game theory. Then, you will go straight into practicing what you have discussed with Johnny as he takes you to the finest clubs in London, frequented by the most successful people and the most beautiful women.

The rest of the week is a continuation of this. After working over your initial sticking points, new problems will become present that you may never have thought of. No two weeks are the same, as every student is different and calls for different training methods, focal points, and time spent on different sticking points.

Only 5 of these courses will be available throughout the year due to Johnny’s demanding schedule. Additionally, only one place is available on each of these seven day courses. This is to ensure that you will get an intense, more personal experience tailored to you.



Pay the remainder with our flexible monthly payment plan.

We look forward to speaking with you! During the call we will be able to get more of an idea of where you currently are with everything and what you’ve been though to date. With this information we can work out what is the best options we have available for you moving forward.

I look forward to working with you soon

– Johnny



Pay the remainder with our flexible monthly payment plan.

Register Now £17000

Pay Deposit Now £2100


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