AMA EP #30 The Long Distance Special – Can Long Distance Relationships Really Work?

By admin | Oct 22, 2019

Hi Guys Welcome back to another solid episode! With all the questions being thrown at me this week it looks like this episode turned out to be a ‘Long distance’ special. So if you have any uncertainties on this issue this one is for you. I want to just take a minute to mention that […]

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EP #29 Try This Tip To Aquire More female Friends… AND ‘Panorama Rant’

By admin | Oct 15, 2019

Hi guys Welcome back to the Ask Me Anything Series a place where you get to ask me your questions live and I answer them! This week has been a bit of a funny one I had a fantastic experience at the annual Frieze art fair a great event to add into your calendar for […]

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AMA EP #28 He took The Advice From Last Weeks Livestream And Has Already Turned His Life Around!

By admin | Oct 4, 2019

Hi guys I am straight out of a 114hr coaching week and I am on the ropes ladies and gentlemen! It’s been a tremendous week for the student with endless amounts of realisations and breakthroughs I cant wait to catch up with him to see how he’s getting on in a couple of weeks. This […]

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AMA EP #27 How To Blow Up Your Small Town From Zero To Hero

By admin | Sep 30, 2019

Hi guys Another action packed week kicking off with my seven day programme here in London. For me over 114hrs worth of coaching this week – Bring it on! Listen in to learn more about the student I am working with and also the weekly addition of the ask me anything series! Ready to take […]

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AMA EP #26 How Do You Flip The Script And Get Women Chasing YOU?

By admin | Sep 22, 2019

Hi Guys Just a quick one this week as I have been back to back with students and events. I broadcasted this one outside a London Fashion Week afterparty I was about to attend. It comes after the week I made an appearance on UK show ‘Made In Chelsea’. If you missed the show check […]

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AMA EP #25 Kill The Ego – Is Your Ego Getting In The Way Of Realising Your Strongest Desires?

By admin | Sep 12, 2019

Hi Guys Welcome back to episode number 25! Packed full of juicy content this one guys enjoy 🙂 Remember…there’s one thing jumping on these live broadcasts every week but nothing quite beats the real thing! Join me in person at my next workshop in London… Impactful Connections Workshop September 28th Impactful Connections Workshop 

Your questions […]

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AMA EP #24 Why You Are Losing If You Are Not On Social Media – Are You Missing This Opportunity?

By admin | Sep 3, 2019

Hi guys I hope those that were in the UK were able to celebrate the bank holiday in full spirit. Myself personally avoided Notting Hill carnival but found my self immersed in a tremendous theatre of joy amongst friends, music and some rather very talented DJ’s and producers. Like I always say guys, if you’re […]

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AMA EP #23 What Sort Of Alpha Qualities Are Women REALLY Attracted To?

By admin | Aug 23, 2019

Correction! I open up this broadcast under the belief that we are on episode 24 when in actual fact this is episode 23. What’s been happening on my side? Seen as many of you have been asking for it I have began my work on developing an online programme that you will be able to […]

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AMA EP #22 Are Your Phone Numbers ACTUALLY Converting? Steal My Formula Right Here!

By admin | Aug 14, 2019

Hi guys Welcome back to episode 22 of the ask me anything series. Broadcasted live on my instagram channel @LondonDatingCoach – distributed everywhereeeeee!. Workshop this week: August 17th in London Your questions: – how do you get a girl to notice you? – I have a great personality but I always get friend zoned […]

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