put in that one per cent every day

Put That One Percent In Every Day

Jun 4, 2022

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was a successful person!! You need to realize that life works at a very slow pace. This sounds easy but trust me, it’s way more difficult in practice. In the age of the internet, we easily develop the habit of instant gratification. Want something to eat? It’s […]

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How to make a Tinder bio for guys that works

May 4, 2022

Online Dating can be hard. It’s a minefield of pictures, protocol and pretentiousness. How do you navigate through all the options, while attracting the kind of women you want? What are the rules? How do you advertise yourself truthfully without coming across as self-important? How do you even pick the right dating app to begin […]

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Which Dating App Is Best For You?

Apr 6, 2022

Online dating has been steadily growing in popularity for the last decade, losing much of the stigma associated with it. Research by dating site eHarmony and the Imperial College Business School suggests 32% of relationships that started between 2015 and 2019 did so online. It also purported that by the year 2035, more than 50% […]

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Typical and Avoidant Love Addicts: How To Break The Toxic Cycle Of Love Addiction

Typical and Avoidant Love Addicts: How To Break The Toxic Cycle Of Love Addiction

Feb 7, 2022

When we consider the relationships in our lives, are we thinking about the people we love? Instead, it might be worth taking a second to think about our relationship to love itself. Some people see love as a daunting, impossible gauntlet, filled with unfulfillable obligations and terrifying expectations. So even if they end up in […]

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Johnny Cassell and Jack McEvoy The Vikings Actor

Johnny Cassell and Jack McEvoy: The “Vikings” Actor Talks Us Through Overcoming Rejections

Jan 5, 2022

Hey guys, This week, we’re taking a longboat all the way to helpful, confidence-building guidance with our guest Jack McEvoy. The approach of professional actors to their craft can teach people a lot about developing self, confidence, and a brand. A lesson I always impart to my students is about how to reframe their idea […]

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Billy Lockett Working Out Who I Am

Johnny Cassell and Billy Lockett: Working Out Who I Am Was My Greatest Achievement

Dec 13, 2021

Captivating musicians have a powerful ability to connect directly to people’s souls. I was lucky enough to have Billy Lockett on as a guest, whose beautiful voice and musicianship are amongst the most engaging out there at the moment. I am all about connecting with people and making an immediate impact – it’s at the […]

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Johnny Cassell & Dr Mo Mobasseri - Cosmtic Dentist to the stars!

Johnny Cassell & Dr Mo Mobasseri: The Power Of Smiling – And How To Look After That Smile

Nov 10, 2021

Hey listeners, Today I have with me Dr. Mo Mobasseri, cosmetic dentist to the stars and Premier League and all-round great guy. When I visited his practice on Wimpole Street, I didn’t feel like I needed dental work. I sat down, and seven fillings later, it became clear that my smile wasn’t everything I thought […]

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Johnny Cassell & Dayle Best - Do Looks Matter?

Johnny Cassell & Dayle Best – Do Looks Matter?

Oct 5, 2021

Hey guys, Today I’m bringing in a former colleague and style guru to talk about clothing, confidence, and creating a look. Dayle Best is one of the best personal stylists in London, and it’s always an honour getting to sit down and pick his brains about what makes people tick when it comes to picking […]

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Tips From A Billionaire Property Tycoon On How To Become A World-Leading Entrepreneur

Hassaan Morshedy & Johnny Cassell: Tips From A Billionaire Property Tycoon On How To Become A World-Leading Entrepreneur

Sep 6, 2021

Hey listeners. I hope you’re staying safe and happy. You may be wondering why I’ve invited an entrepreneur billionaire to talk to you today. The answer is simple: Entrepreneurship is not only a business skill. It matters in all aspects of life, including dating. Stability and success are desirable qualities, and having Hassan on was […]

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