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Common Conversation Mistakes – and How to Correct Them

Common Conversation Mistakes - and How to Correct Them

What we’re going to look at today is the topic of conversations. I’m sure that no matter who you are, you’ll be able to recognise at least some of these mistakes in your own past – even me!

It’s funny because when you finally figure this skill out, you’ll look back and see that all you had to do was make a few small adjustments. You were so close!

  1. What are some of the most common blunders made by men during conversation?

Some guys spend too much time trying to convince a woman that they’re “cool,” which can only lead to one thing: talking about yourself. You can seem stiff and uninteresting, referring every topic back to yourself, or even insecure, trying to outdo the other person. At worst, you’ll come off as arrogant. These guys need to learn how to make their conversations more amusing and playful, and less one-sided. It is entirely possible to talk about yourself without bragging, but you need to ask about the other person. Show interest. Be humble.

Some guys frequently reach a friendly impasse. These men must learn to recognize when there’s actually too much rapport. Attraction is about finding the right balance between tension and comfort. And a lot of the guys who can’t get past the friendly level because they’re afraid of the tension spend too much time building rapport in the hope that the woman will like them. They probably will like you, but inevitably as a friend.

Some men are unsure of how to respond to a woman. These men must acquire the ability to recognize a woman’s hooks. How do they do this? There are many ways you can practice your social skills, but basically you should see every interaction you have with a human as an opportunity.

I suffered from this problem for YEARS, as did a lot of guys, because they spend too much time trying to figure out what to say next. You’ll get every sign you need from a woman. You just need to learn how to recognize it.

But the majority of men’s conversations are one-dimensional and flat, which is their biggest mistake. This is because they do not possess sufficient “weapons” in their arsenal.

Maybe they only tell stories – because they’ve got a lot to tell. Or maybe they just keep asking questions all the time. Perhaps they’re a funny guy but they’re over reliant on humour. The fact of the matter is that in order to keep the conversation moving and exciting, you must always have approximately five different conversation techniques ready to whip out at the right time. A conversation should be like riding a roller coaster, with the woman never knowing what will happen next.

  1. What can a man do to avoid awkward silences and running out of things to say?

Ah, my greatest anxiety. I never feared rejection, but rather the awkwardness of saying nothing at all. In point of fact, I could take it if a woman explicitly rejected me.

I just couldn’t stand not knowing whether to keep talking to her or to give up. I really wished I would leave because I detested the idea that the woman was just being polite. However, here’s the thing…

The simplest approach to totally kill awkwardness is to recognize it in a funny way. You can show that you are socially intelligent by pointing out the “elephant in the room” and saying what you’re both thinking. By pointing out the obvious, you break the ice and allow you both to laugh about it and move on.

Additionally, women find social intelligence to be extremely appealing. Think of a time when you’ve tried to kiss a girl and she turned her cheek. Pretending it didn’t happen is the worst thing you can do. Since both of you are aware that you attempted to kiss her, you are not deceiving anyone by acting “cool” about it. Just playfully announce, “And she slips him the cheek” with a smile on your face.

You’ll both feel more at ease after hearing this light-hearted response. Ladies dread uncertainty even more than men do. So, by showing a lady you have enough knowledge not to allow things to get off-kilter… you become significantly more alluring in her eyes.

  1. In my mentorship programme, what key ideas about conversation do we cover?

The purpose of this program is a complete lifestyle change.

Not only will you fill your mind with topics for conversations that continue to flow, but the resulting self-assurance and confidence will lead to higher attraction in front of beautiful women.

In this programme we will demonstrate to you:

  • How to steer a conversation in the desired direction
  • How to tell when a woman is giving you “hooks”
  • You’ll learn how to bait a woman into asking you questions about topics you want to discuss

Because ultimately, even if you have an amazing conversation with her for hours, if you don’t get a woman to think about you in a sexual way, you won’t ever be able to kiss her.

Last but not least, I’d like to leave you with this: you really are a lot closer than you think to becoming a smooth talker, regardless of how afraid you are of the idea. After a few simple tweaks, you’ll start to notice how simple it is to attract women and that you actually enjoy talking to them.

I hope these conversation tips will help you not only to improve yourself every day by 1% but also to build a better life, know what you want and need and go with the flow of happiness. And with this advice on conversations, I hope you can get out there and attract the kind of woman you want, whether it’s short term, long term, or marriage.

Good luck in whatever path you take my friend but never forget that the moment you decide to drop your dream, you have to live with that for the rest of your life.

If you require further advice on online dating, look no further than the wealth of articles on my website.

Good vibes always!



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