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How To Seduce A Woman

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How to seduce a woman

Some useful seduction tips

Most guys out there are looking for that secret formula for how to seduce a woman. Some have this naturally whereas others really do need a bit of help and guidance on how to perfect this art! As a dating coach and pick up artist this is one of the skills that I can teach guys that come to me for advice and coaching.

If this is a girl that you have never met before then you really need to be aware that first impressions really do count and so that means looking your best and using some good one liners and pick up lines that will help you to really seduce the woman of your dreams or desires!

Girls as you know always like compliments and so dropping in a few one liners is always a winner. You could also try like giving her a DETAILED compliment. telling her how amazing she looks or that she lights up the room, can be a pattern she might often expect. What really makes impact is when you give a detailed compliment rather than a generic compliment eg. “You are beautiful” “ You have really nice eyes” lets be frank this didn’t take much imagination to come out with and she knows that because lets face it, if she just so happens to be gifted with such beauty it wouldn’t of been the first time she’s heard that right?

Instead say something like; “ I love the way you are wearing your make-up and how it draws me into your eyes” or I realise what it is I like about you now… You have really prominent cheek bones – I love that”

Your message is the same – it just packs more of a punch 😉

Think… Who the hell compliments women like that??

Don’t be afraid to fail when trying to seduce women

One of the key things that we try to teach guys that are looking to excel in this area, is really NOT to be afraid to fail. What’s the worse that can happen right? In many cases failure can be a good thing, as it helps us to really get on top of our game and we learn more through messing up sometimes. No-one that we teach will master the skills without messing things up at least a few times!

We have to fail to succeed

If you think about all the Richard Branson’s, the Simon Cowell’s, Richard Reed’s and Michelle Mone’s of the world they all tell a vey similar story of how they made multi millions and by over night they lost it all. If you look at all of these people now where are they now…exactly where they were before and much more. Why? because even know you lost the money you didn’t loose the lessons, the contacts and the knowledge it tool to get there.

As I mentioned earlier seducing a women requires a bit of confidence and we can all help our confidence by paying a bit of attention to ourselves. So that means paying attention to detail as regards the clothes we wear, making more of an effort with personal grooming etc. As the old saying goes “If you look good you feel good” and this really can help guys with that little bit of extra confidence to secure the deal when it comes to seducing a woman.

Now most women also as you know do like to talk about themselves and so when you get your chance at seduction, the way you ask questions is also important to help the conversation, so don’t give a question that could simply require a one word answer. Try open ended questions that require her to open up as most girls like their man to be really interested in THEM and this is a sure way to get on the right track to help you seducing a woman!

Seduce with open ended questions

There are some definite no no’s when it comes to conversation, and this will be staying well clear of certain topics which will very likely end in failure. Whatever you do, don’t start waxing lyrical about Religion or politics, keep it nice and fun and light to begin with as you may only get one crack at the whip!

If the topic of sex does enter into the conversation, then make sure you play it cool to begin with. The last thing that you should be doing is appearing desperate and so getting the right balance here is very important. You can be subtle and get your point across without divulging too much about your own sex life and fantasies, so’s not to risk turning her off altogether.

When it comes to touching, again guys you have to pretty careful here, and is best to keep it very light and playful. Light flirting is great, but nothing to heavy, the last thing you want her to think is she is out with a creepy guy. How you go with touching will also depend on the type of girl and this is where your intuition comes in and judging each situation on its own merits.

The art of seduction

Some women you might be able to work your magic in one meeting whereas realistically others maybe much harder to break down and so for some girls even getting a next meeting arranged or getting hold of here number would mean you are well on the way to learning the art of seduction and how to seduce women!

Learning more about how to seduce a woman

If you would like some more information on the various dating & seduction workshops that are on offer or maybe you prefer some more private one to one dating coaching on the subject then this is available through my Impactful Connection, 7 day mastery and mentorship programmes whichever you would prefer. So don’t delay and get in touch today or also check out the Youtube channel for plenty of different video guides that I have put together helping you to clinch that deal with the woman of your dreams!

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