How To Chat Up A Girl

July 31, 2013 - 1 minute read

how to chat up a girl

When you chat to a girl it is important to not come across as boring and bland. Even though you think your being interesting or giving her a compliment always stay away from what the masses do.

Here is a tip that will really help you to make impact with a women…

Use detailed compliments over vague compliments

When you use a compliment that has detail to it it comes across as more personal,

It has more punch to it and most importantly comes across as more genuine.

Think of what is a vague compliment…

Vague Compliment:

 “You have nice eyes”

Detailed compliment:

“I love the way you wear your make up it really draws my attention towards your eyes”

The subject is still the eyes but we got away from being boring and generic by not calling them ‘nice’ which is dull and impact-less. She may have ‘nice’ eyes but come on… she deserves better than ‘nice’ right?

We are still complimenting her on the same thing but we are choosing to say it differently. Expect her to say she has never been told that before, of course she has, just in a plain 1 dimensional way.

Tip: make a list of features you like in women and spend a moment thinking how you can make it come across with more impact.


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