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How To Be More Confident

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How to be more confident

Some useful Confidence tips

Hi guys, I just want to get this message out to you. I want to talk about failure.

A lot of guys are failing to actually start because they’re worried about falling in the first place. Well here I want to change the way you think about the word failure.

If you’ve been following the self-improving community for a while now, you’ll often come across this subject and you’ll often come across successful people talk about failure being a key component towards their success. They just change the way they look at it.

You can look at the Richard Bransons and Simon Cowell’s of the world, they say they lost it all but somehow managed to get it all back again. We are in the self-development field here, we’re looking to get better with women. That means a lot of crashing and burning in social interactions. But how you manage your mind throughout is key to how you develop and learn to be more confident.

Rather than thinking, ‘Oh god, I did really bad,’ ‘I messed that up right there,’ or thinking women aren’t going to like you, I want you to start critiquing yourself. Answer these three questions; what did I do? What went well? What could I do better next time?

This may be something you heard me say in another of my dating coaching videos. Why? Because it is really essential to your development. These three questions I ask to my wingman and he asks to me. We just sit down after a night and really critique each other’s game; what was good, what we would do to improve, and even admit when we messed it up.

You have to get in the mindset that failure is part of the process of becoming more confident. If you’re failing it means your pushing it to the next level. If you feel like you’re resisting, it means you’re about to learn something new. When it comes to success and failure, so what you failed? You never lost the lessons. Whether it be in this field or any other; even making money. So what you lost a lot of money? You didn’t lose the lessons and the network to get you there. It’s the same thing with this. If you’re out there approaching women,  trying to seduce women and developing your skills to meet a high calibre of women or to improve your social circles, so what you crashed and burned? It tells you you’re pushing it to the next level.

So don’t be so hard up on yourself. In my opinion the only form of failure is doing nothing at all. Even saying that, the more times you don’t take action on approaching people, the less your body will be able to put up with it, until it decides to take action. I know because I went through a similar thing when I made breakthroughs in my own self-development.

There’s a lot of tips to take from this; don’t be so hard up on yourself on failure, it’s part of the process.

You can completely change that word from failure to hurdle. When you think of a hurdle, you don’t think of failing, you think it’s just something you have to get over.

There’s a lot of tips and advice on the workshops we’re doing now. We’re doing the impactful connection workshop – or the IC workshop, as it is a bit of a mouthful. That’s at the last Saturday at every month. If you’re not sure, check the page on our website by confidence coach in London Johnny Cassell for further information.

We’re also doing seven day mastery programmes and 6 month membership packages. If you want any more information on those two programmes, as those are two programmes we actively market because they’re not really for everyone, do contact me. You can reply to my email address at [email protected].

Okay guys, hope you got a lot of value from this, and I hope to see you soon. Take care and have a great day.


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