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Going Out Tips To Use On A Night Out

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Going out tips to use on a night out

Best Chat Up Lines

Getting Past The Initial Set Up – Good Chat Up Lines Is Just The Beginning 

When it comes to meeting women, you aren’t going to be in trouble. There are millions of women out there. Go just about anywhere, and you’re going to find single women. Now, getting them to talk to you may be an irksome thing, however. If you’re interesting in chatting them up, you’re going to have to really take a moment to consider your next move. Focusing on the right path will absolutely help you gain the upper hand, and that’s where a list of good chat up lines will come in handy.

Sourcing The Right Words

Finding the best chat up lines for guys isn’t a hard thing. You can easily search online for a lot of things to be said. However, saying the right things is not the only thing that you will need under your belt. It’s easy to get caught up in this arena. Some people think about working in the right elements, but you can’t just rely on spouting off one liners. 

Best case scenario, the woman you have your eyes on replies to you. Then what? Some will say to just keep going with the pick-up lines available, but that’s not a good thing. You’re going to need more than that. You will need to focus on something that is going to help you gain the upper hand. What will that be? Well, that’s something that you have to work on, but that’s getting too far ahead.

Good Chat Up Lines Spark Interest 

The reason why it’s advocated to learn some good Tinder lines is because they work. They introduce your personality and inflection of your voice properly. This is assuming that you’re not nervous, sweating, and stuttering when you approach a woman. It’s easy to get caught up within this world. It happens all the time. Men go up to a beautiful woman, and stutter out a few lines, and they don’t see why they aren’t getting a lot of dates.

If you are nervous, or just get a bit intimidated by a woman’s beauty, snap out of it. They aren’t going to bite you (unless you want them to), and they aren’t going to beat you up. What are you scared of? Rejection? People get rejected all the time, and while that stings a little, it’s a lot easier to get rejected by a stranger than it is to go out and make a speech about global politics in your underwear. The thing that you have to remember is that women, especially beautiful women, are used to men coming up to them and spouting out lines. You’re going to have to do two things that most men don’t. Here is a selection of lines we put together (mainly for humour purposes) 39 best chat up lines to pick up girls

The Two Things Men Don’t Do

First and foremost, they don’t look for the best chat up lines for guys. Men often assume they know it all, or that their friends know it all. Guess what? Nope. There is a treasure trove of information online, including coaches. For instance, if you were to team up with Johnny Cassell, you could be getting model material right now. How would you like to date a perfect 10? Well, Cassell can help, but only if you actually look for advice. If you think you’re good, or you have it all figured out, you won’t get anywhere, and the rejections will pile up and cause you a serious bit of depression.

The second thing that most men don’t do is simple, they don’t practice the best chat up lines. That’s right, they don’t practice.This may seem odd, but take an example from the world of football. Before someone gets on the pitch and gets to the greatness of the leagues, they practice. They practice so much that kicking, passing, running, sliding, and so much more becomes second nature. That’s right, second nature. You need to not only be able to approach a woman and talk to her, you need to get her to respond, and when she rejects you, you need to know what to do next. If you are stuttering, nervous, or don’t know how to respond to her replies, you’re done.

At the end of the day, good chat up lines are great. But don’t let that be the only thing that you have under your wing. You need to have a bit of confidence, secondary questions, conversational elements, and confidence that others don’t. Don’t get caught up in thinking that you can’t do it, or that you’re not good enough. Too many men throw in the towel after a woman rejects their lines. Don’t give up, instead, be smart, learn the lines, get confident, and seek out a coach that will get you serious amounts of women. 

Dirty Chat Up Lines Can Get You Serious Action 

Not every woman responds well to chat up lines. There’s a far less number that will respond to things that are dirty. The dirty options can really cause problems for men, especially if they are timid. Chances are you’re not the most confident individual, otherwise you wouldn’t be looking to utilize a sexy pick up line. Now, when it comes to the gamut of options, you will no doubt want to know about dirty chat up lines as well. Imagine it for a moment. You see a sexy woman at the bar, and you approach her with a bit of confidence, and you talk dirty with a straight face, locked eyes, and seriousness. Chances are you will be in for a romp that you will never forget.

Now, you could always just try it and see what happens. However, if you are not stone cold in your approach, and serious in your demeanor, you are going to get shot down immediately. Going up to a woman and trying to be cheesy, doesn’t work if you aren’t ready to be serious about what will happen next.

Sexy chat up lines – the fork in the road

The sexy chat up lines that you can use right now are not all X-rated. Some of them are just on the cusp, but play to a jovial side of dating. The goal is not to be perverse, because that is going to turn off a lot of women before you even get to the first drink. There’s a fork in the road that all men will have to deal with when picking up women. This is the moment between her response of rejection or acceptance to your lines. If you want to get accepted, you are going to need to lock your sights on this fork and traverse with confidence on either side.

If you are rejected, or she doesn’t seem to pick up on the dirty talk, don’t panic. Don’t do something drastic, and above all else, don’t let it seem like it bothers you. Women can pick up on the fact that you’re intimidated by their beauty, or just want to get laid. You’re going to have to be confident, don’t let them see you sweat, and have a comeback line ready. If they don’t respond to the dirty side, don’t worry, pull in a secondary line that is a bit tamer. The point being that you’re not going to just be swatted away like a fly.

If she accepts your way of communicating, good. Just don’t blow it by jumping into sexual talk right away. Unless she leads you, be very careful how you reply to things. You want to really pay attention to her mannerisms, whether she’s been at the party long, or at the bar long. How many drinks she’s had, whether she’s making eye contact with you, touching your arm, leg, anything. You need to be very aware of what you two are discussing, and how she’s reacting. If not, you’ll lose.

Knowing When To Throw Out Dirty Lines

Here’s the reality. Sometimes you are going to go out there with all confidence and get the wrong reaction. If a woman swings, you’re in for it. Duck, dive, and watch out. Ok, in all seriousness, you should always gauge the situation before you just spout off anything dirty. While dirty talk can work, they should not be thrown out like rice at a wedding. If you see a woman walking by you in the streets, for instance, you  shouldn’t just throw out a dirty word or try to sexually engage her. That’s the wrong forum. You need to know when this will work best.

Sure, you can go sexy with a woman you’ve met, but not the first utterance up front. There is a time and place for this, and part of the challenge of these lines is just that. When to say them, how to say them, and what to do if there is a positive or negative reaction. Funny, but some men assume that one dirty line is going to get them a sex partner.


It’s not just one line, it’s a culmination of several lines that lead to a conversation. However, if you want to get her attention, and you want something memorable, dirty can work. Gauging the situation is the one thing you need to understand. Obviously, the dirty minded tricks won’t work at a church picnic. But in a dark bar, after a gin and tonic, you may very well get an opening and the dirty chat you have been working on will get you some serious action.

Pickup Lines

Hi guys, it’s Johnny and welcome back to my blog. If you’re going out tonight, you’re in luck, because I want to share with you three opening lines that you can use on big groups of girls

The Birthday Party Opener

The first one is assuming that they’re celebrating a birthday party.  So you come in, and the key thing is that everyone gets eye contact otherwise you might not feel included so you could lose the interaction. You say, which one of you is the birthday girl? And even if it isn’t their birthday, who cares? Maybe one of them goes along with it and it’ll turn into a playful little interaction. That’s one of my favourite chat up lines to use.

The Stripper Opener

The second one you can use, is to go in there with a little bit of a jig on, and this one may require a bit of an extrovert to do this but even if you’re an introvert, go and try this because you might discover something about yourself. Just walk up to them, and say, okay girls, which one of you ordered a stripper? You can see the smile on their face, you can make it a little bit of a role play, and the great thing about it is that it’s sexual role play so things will develop pretty quickly.

Celebrating Something…

Now, my third great chat up line for you to use tonight is very simple and very down toned. This one really is great for an introvert, because I understand a big group of girls could be intimidating for an introverted guy, so you may want to use this one; what are you girls celebrating tonight? It’s that simple. Even if they’re not celebrating something, they’ll tell you why they’re there. What you say afterwards is; how do you girls know each other? Get them all involved.

Okay guys, and remember we’re teaching stacks of advice on our dating workshops. We’re not even scratching the surface here but this is something you can use tonight and have some fun with. Get yourself out there and interacting because the real learning comes from interactions. So make sure you’re not just sat at home watching videos and reading blog posts about these things, make sure you get out there and do it.


I look forward to working with you soon.

To find out more on how you can benefit from my programmes contact me and my team now: [email protected]

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