How to Win a Girls Heart

July 10, 2017 - 8 minutes read

You can chat to as many girls as you like in bars, enter as many meaningless shags as you wish, or have as much success with women as you need.

But there will eventually a time when you meet a girl, get to know her properly, and want to know how to win her heart. And if you really want a woman’s devotion, there’s a few steps you have to take to secure it.

It’s in what you do, what you say, and how you treat her.

It’s about making her feel special but not making a point of it.

And it’s about being genuine, and a gentleman.

Despite the word ‘win’, this is not a competition. This is about being a legitimate long-term option for a girl’s future, and showing the kind of qualities that evoke comfort and stability without losing your spontaneous edge.

Here’s a few sage words of advice as to how to win over a woman.


Many of clients want to know how to win her heart with words. Earnest compliments are a superb place to start.

And not about her boobs or the shape of her ass, however great either may be.

What you really need to be doing is making a statement about her: who she is, what she stands for, and what she believes in.

“You seem super cool.”

“You’re a really interesting person.”

“I think you do a lot of great things.”

“You’re so fucking talented.”

And then, simply move on. You don’t have to dwell, or shower her with compliments, because that can appear self-serving and ever-so-slightly desperate. That is the opposite of the effect you should be looking to have.

Look, if you want to win her heart it’s because, in some small regard, she has won yours already. A girl can be as beautiful as you like, but to really make you feel certain things, she has to be a special and unique person.

Let her know what makes her special and unique and you won’t even need to think of things to say to win her heart, because it will come from a place of sincere affection and respect.


The best way to show that you respect a woman for who she is will simply be by leaving her enough space to actually pursue being her.

This means giving her time and space to see her friends, further her career, and pursue her interests.

A woman is not going to give her your heart if she thinks you’re going to horde it for yourself, and if she feels the relationship is going to become burdensome.

Don’t get heavy until she does. 


Spontaneity is an absolutely central part of how to win a woman’s heart. 

This seems like pretty general advice for anyone who has read other pages on the blog, but it applies for every stage in a relationship, even a marriage, long after you’ve won her heart.

If you really want to charm and hold onto a woman, you not only have to be able to have fun yourself but be bold enough to draw her into your world and your fun.

You also have to open to her idea of fun, whatever that is. You needn’t be joined at the hip, but a relationship works two ways and compromise is the key to a girl’s soul and heart.

You may even learn to enjoy a new thing or two along the way.


Everyone has a different sense of humour.

But you should be able to make a woman you like laugh. Evoking laughter is a great way to initiate closeness and rapport, and it’s part of having fun.

Having in-jokes with a woman is a great way to feel like just the two of you own those moments, or those references, and she will begin to draw closer because of it.

As a word of warning, don’t dwell on in-jokes. They can become tiresome, and their overuse will become a crutch rather than Always be looking for fresh avenues to a giggle.


Having other women in your life, even as friends, is sure to stoke a competitive side of your desired lady that makes her determined to mark you out as hers.

You don’t have to bang everyone. And you don’t have to cheat on a woman or treat her badly to inject a little fun competition.

But if you have female friends, it also shows her that you can interact with women on a human level and that any compliments or affection have been authentic.

If you can be around other women and restrain yourself, it’s also a sure sign that you are a trustworthy gentleman and she will see that longevity in you.


It’s not enough just to talk sweet and compliment a woman. If you want to know how to win her heart forever, you have to listen to her and work out what she really wants.

Then, go out of your way to demonstrate to her that you like her, that you understand how she works and what she wants, and that you are willing to prove it to her.

If she keeps talking about a place she loves, take her there. If you can’t afford to take her there, or maybe can’t take the time off work, decorate your living room like the place, and throw her a little one-on-one themed party.

There are so many little ways to show a woman that you’re listening to her, taking in what she’s about, and acting on it. And if you’re really into her, you’ll know exactly what to do to show her you like her.

This also means making a concerted effort to reach out to and get to know her friends and family.

Simply be reactive and honest.

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