5 Tips For Approaching Girls On The Beach

July 4, 2017 - 8 minutes read

A beach is an ideal place when thinking how to approach girls.

People are relaxed, the sun is out, the clothes are skimpier than in everyday life, and everyone is looking their best. Your archetypal tale after returning from Ibiza is one of sex on the beach, or at least meeting a girl on the beach and heading somewhere else for legendary Ibiza Sex.

However, it’s also a place where people are sleeping and getting some respite from reality. And they’re in bikinis, which will likely mean they are in a fun, confident mood, but it does increase the stakes of physical contact.

If your approach isn’t clean and forthright, they may get uncomfortable quickly.

You’ll be far from the only one on the lookout for Ibiza chicks on the beach, but if you prepare a warm approach, you’ll be headed home with far more than sand in your shoes.

Before you go, dress light and comfortable. If you’re not quite comfortable with being topless, then don’t put yourself through it. Wear light colours in case you overheat. Black is known to absorb warmth, and you want to be sweating a minimal amount when you’re mid-conversation.

Holiday romance is chilled out. If you go actively seeking to seduce women, they are going to feel threatened or at least awkward when you talk to them.

Let the interactions come to you. Bring a large blanket and make sure it’s simple with bold colours. Ensure that you have ample shade in the form of a canopy, or a parasol.

Sunscreen is essential for both of you and for opening conversations by offering it to girls. Make sure you bring a range of SPFs to guarantee more conversations.

A cooler of drinks is another crucial step in how to get laid from a beach encounter. Bring a variety of beers, soft drinks, and heaps of water.

Also, an excellent way of entering negotiations for sex in Ibiza is to bring your friends. Be open with them that if you score, then you may not return to where you were hanging out, and you’ll be doing your own thing. But have fun with them.

If girls see you having fun, they’ll want in.


Know your woman and your beach

You almost certainly have a type – if not a hair colour, then a lifestyle or personality you gravitate towards. Sex on vacation means you can go all out to get that type. Alternatively, you can try a new experience.

Either way, certain beaches attract certain types, and you have to know what you’re going for. A little planning is key. If you want to meet locals and try a few terrible Spanish chat-up lines, try Cala d’en Serra.

For a quieter, classier environment, you can try Cala de Boix or Cala Conte, which boast some pretty famous sunsets for a mood-establisher.

You may be lucky enough to have a beach in or near your hotel.

You will find girls of a similar pay bracket here, maybe from the same country, and with the added advantage of knowing meeting up with them will be easy.

Many of the beaches have notorious designated Ibiza nudist areas, so they’re great for a laugh or even a few approaches if you’re feeling brave. It’s worth gauging how comfortable she is around a bunch of (often elderly) naked folk.

Be relaxed and friendly

You may look good topless, but if you pout and pose you’ll going to look like a wet weekend.

Is it easy to pull in Ibiza? It’s one of the natural consequences of fun there. Play beach games, build sandcastles, get in the sea, have music playing (respectfully) and be a hub of activity to which girls can flock.

Also, an ‘accidental’ stray frisbee is a great way to open with a girl.

You should be this way at home when thinking about how to approach women, but you have a lively environment in which to work on your social engineering skills.

You’re not really at the beach unless you’re down for a good time.

If you’re in your area (it’s more than just a blanket: you’ve marked it out to warn other guys) look around. If a girl catches you looking at her, smile, say hello, and continue your search.

If she walks near or past you later, offer her some water and shade. Ask her some questions about herself, such as where she’s from and how her day’s been, and then provide sunscreen.

Play games

Here’s where you set the boundaries: let her put on the sunscreen unless she asks for help. Be a gentleman, and then invite her into a fun game of volleyball.

While you do this, gauge her knowledge of the area – if she’s local, ask if she can show you any cool places while you’re there.

Make a game of photos as well. Have a great time posing and being goofy and making them laugh right before the shot is taken. Not only will this be a chance to build great rapport

In fact, groups of friends are the best type of beach approach, because girls feel safer in larger numbers. Avoid large groups, as they’re likely to stay together, but aim for around three girls. You can even make a group plan for later.

Make plans

Treat getting her number as a formality after a fun day, and assume she wants to see you again. If she doesn’t, you’ll have plenty more opportunities to meet women when the sun’s down.

If she’s in your hotel, maybe meet up with her again face-to-face for a drink before heading out. You’ve done the legwork already.

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