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Take your dating life to the next level with your own personal coach

This GROUNDBREAKING training programme will completely TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE. Whatever your starting point, well help you create the success you want, from dating the most desirable women to achieving those big goals you always dreamt about.. No other course goes as in-depth or guarantees such STELLAR results. Even Olympic athletes have a coach. Now youll have one too. Get ready to smash through your limitations and take your life to the ELITE LEVEL.


Our mentorship programme is a UNIQUE TRAINING COURSE. Youll have your own expert coach working with you on a one-to-one basis each week. Well stop at nothing until you achieve the INCREDIBLE SUCCESS you always visualised. Our programme is tailored for each individual. And we have the exercises and the insight to help you CONQUER YOUR LIMITATIONS. Areas youve struggled with all your life, youll power through in days. Best of all, your trainer will be available 24/7 for a text or a call. Youll never have to worry about what to do or say ever again. And when were finished, youll be the guy all your friends call for advice.

The mentorship programme is a totally immersive LIFE-STYLE CHANGE course. Well give you the skills to create an INCREDIBLE dating life and a rock-solid social circle. And it will be on your terms. This is not just a one-off training seminar. The changes you make will last a life-time. Weve helped THOUSANDS of guys make real changes and achieve UNBELIEVABLE SUCCESS through all areas of their life.

Its time to take positive action and start living your dreams. With the Mentorship Programme youll develop MASTERY in every area, from approaching girls to sparking attraction to building great relationships with quality women. And we won’t stop there, we’ll help you identify and power-through sticking points throughout your life until you get thelife-style you truly desire.

The Mentorship Programme is the most in-depth training course available. We’re taking ordinary guys and getting AMAZING results.


This is an entirely BESPOKE course. Each week, youll have FIVE HOURS of intensive one-on-one training with one of the best life-style coaches in the world. And you wont be sitting in a stuffy seminar room taking notes like youre at school. This is an in-field, ACTION-BASED course. We believe in going where the fun is. Your instructor will be taking you out on the streets and in coffee-shops, as well as the best bars and clubs. Youll even be given exercises you can complete in your own time so youre constantly honing your skills. And your mentor will be available on phone or email throughout the week to help you through any problem areas.

If you’re ready to MASTER YOUR LIFE read-on:

The course is designed and monitored by Johnny Cassell, one of the most innovative and successful dating and life-style coaches in the world. Based on his unique psychological insights and unparalleled people skills youll develop a level of social confidence you never thought possible.

No-more Friday evenings alone. No more anxiety around women. No more endless dates and expenditure wondering if some girl likes you or not. When the course is finished youll have women CHASING YOU and begging for your number. Well even refine your online game so your picking-up women when youre at home.The only way you can achieve this degree of success so quickly is with your own PERSONAL MENTOR and bespoke programme. Every one of our coaches is handpicked and trained by Johnny. Usually they are fully booked throughout the week. But when you sign up for the course, youll become their NUMBER ONE PRIORITY.

You will completely master the following:


  • Bullet-proof confidence
    Say goodbye to that crippling self-doubt that stops you from succeeding with your most important goals. Well help you develop true confidence based on your powerful new skill-set.
  • Smashing limitations
    A single area of weakness can hold you back for years. Our coaches will help you identify your main sticking points and give you the confidence to power through them. You won’t recognise yourself when we’ve finished you.
  • Effortless conversation
    You’ll never be stuck for something to say again. No more awkward moments when the conversation grinds to a halt. We’ll give you the conversation skills to master any scenario. You’ll know how to leave a positive impression on anyone you interact with. We can sum it up in one word: Charisma.
  • Approach anxiety
    Never feel nervous or worried about approaching a girl ever again. After two sessions you’ll have the ability to approach any woman in any scenario.
  • Sexual escalation
    No more dull, sterile conversations with women. Never get stuck in boring, platonic chit chat. You’ll effortlessly be able to elevate your interaction to the sexual level.
  • Body language secrets
    How you stand, how you walk and how you carry yourself, all have a massive impact on how you succeed with women and in life. With simple, effective techniques we’ll show you how to project that alpha-confidence that attracts the best people to you.
  • Deep-level connection
    Everyone hates those empty conversations when you struggle to make an impression. We’ll show you how to connect deeply with the women you talk to on an emotional level (Warning: This is very powerful).
  • Building attraction
    Attraction with women is not a coincidence. It is something you can control. You’ll learn attraction spikes, scale theory, and breaking rapport, which will leave her craving for your attention and begging you for your number.
  • Killer style
    If your unconfident in your style or feel it doesn’t truly reflect you, we can help. Our celebrity stylist will work with you to create a look that is fully congruent with who you are. We’ll show you how to dress for the life-style you want, not the one you have.
  • Friend-zone transitions
    Its torment, it’s painful, it’s frustrating as hell. And we’ve all been there. We’ll show you how to bust out of the friend-zone for ever. You’ll never have a hottie thinking your “sweet”, or “like a brother” again. They’ll be too busy asking you out.
  • Follow-up game
    You’ve made a great connection, you’ve got the number, what now? We’ll take you through the process step-by-step and help you turn those flaky numbers into solid gold. And remember you’ll have your own personal coach on call to offer any advice you need.

When you have finished our course you’ll be floating through life like the lead in your own movie. Our students have told us that it’s like they’re finally seeing the matrix:


You’ll also learn:

  • What really turns women on (hint, it’s not what you think).
  • An arsenal of proven openers for any situation.
  • Psychology which is proven to work in elite sports and business.
  • How to be comfortable in any group of people
  • How to create the right state-of-mind so you succeed at every goal.
  • Non-verbal escalation, and how to create powerful sexual tension with women.
  • Qualification and how to use it so woman are begging for your approval.
  • The confidence to develop strong relationships in all areas of your life.
  • How to create a life-style of abundance.
  • Refined social skills so youll be the interesting guy everyone wants in their social circle.
  • Positive reframing techniques, so you can turn any setbacks into lasting success.
Due to the nature of these sessions, spaces are very limited in order to benefit each student’s overall experience. Contact Johnny now for more info about this exciting programme

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