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Date ideas for couples – outside and at home

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Keeping dates fresh can be a struggle. Whether it’s the first date or the fifty-first, a date is a chance to get to know your partner a little better and see a different side of them. It’s about deepening a bond and – most importantly – having a good time!

But if you keep going to the same restaurants, having a drink at the same bars, it’s going to lose its magic. If you want to keep the excitement and spontaneity in your relationship, this blog is perhaps the very best tool to do that.

I’ve compiled a veritable plethora of the most creative dating ideas for you. Most of the dates below are economical, costing less than £20. There are date ideas for when it’s sunny, and date ideas for when it’s raining. It’s important to have both up your sleeve so you can be ready any time.

Be mindful, not all of these ideas will work for you. We are all unique. Find the ones that you like and adapt them to your particular style and situation. Let this article inspire you to create your own exciting dates.


One of the most common dates is going to the cinema together to see a movie. The date isn’t really even about the movie – if you both enjoy it, then you will both associate positive feelings with the time you spent together, but if it’s a dud, you can use it as an opportunity to show wit and observation by critiquing it.

Why not change things up a bit and go see a stage show, stand up comedian or music performance instead.

The only disadvantage to these is that most of the date will take place in the dark, in silence, looking away from each other. This obviously isn’t the best environment to get to know someone for the first time, but is perfect if you’re already comfortable around each other and can make comments on the shared experience happening in front of you.

Either way, leave a second half of the date afterwards to actually discuss it and spark further conversation.


Most people make the wrong assumption that you would only be interested in going to the mountains in the wintertime if you wanted to ski. There is so much more to do!

Many “ski” towns have quaint shops, cafes and Bed & Breakfasts to make the mountains a wonderful place to spend time even without hitting the slopes. Here are some activities you might want to do instead:

  • Go ice skating
  • Build a snowman
  • Drink hot cider
  • Soak in an outdoor hot tub
  • Go on a sleigh ride
  • Take a hike
  • Rent snowshoes


Water often has a calming effect on the soul. This is more of a day date than a night date unless the walk is well lit and it’s a warm summer’s night.

The walk could be along:

  • A pier – Some piers have facilities, shops and places to eat. You could sit and enjoy a coffee as the boats sail by on a lazy
  • A river or canalside
  • A lake or body of water with a track around it
  • A beach


In contrast to the cinema, these venues offer plenty of opportunities for conversation. You can really get to know their thoughts, opinions and tastes on various topics.

Also, admission may be inexpensive, or even free.

On the flip side, some people simply find museums and art galleries boring. That being said, there are exhibitions based on almost every topic you can think of.

There’s probably something they would come and take a look at. Run the idea past your partner first.

If you have expertise to share on the topics at hand, be careful of running your mouth and coming off as a show off. Let your partner speak too and don’t turn the date into a classroom.


Checking out the government or local council website will reveal many ways you can give up your time for free in order to help out a cause.

This is great because it shows your caring side. You’ll both leave with a feeling of wholesomeness, accomplishment and deep connection. Besides, it could actually end up being fun to help out – and talk about a cheap date! There may even be a free meal in it for you both.

Volunteer to work one night at the local public television station, answering the phones and accepting pledges during their fundraiser. Feed the homeless or help out at an animal shelter. People and animals alike need love and companionship.

Just be mindful that certain causes could be a downer. You might see things you didn’t want to. Certain volunteer work takes a strong stomach!


Get yourselves awake and wrapped up warm at 5 A.M. and walk to the nearest park with a wide view of the sky. Hold hands, glove in glove, and be aware of the present moment.

The view here isn’t the priority or romantic aspect of it – it’s the time spent huddled up together and seeing the beauty all around us. Sometimes it just takes an icy sharp reminder to get us to see how vibrant our lives can be!

This date idea is as cheap as walking to the park, plus you get to see your local area in a new light. The only downside is getting up early, but it’s totally worth it.


If you don’t know what Frisbee Golf is, it is basically throwing a Frisbee at a target and seeing who can hit it in the least amount of throws. The best thing about Frisbee Golf is that you can play it practically anywhere.

Take your partner to a local park or other fairly open space and bring along two Frisbees and a way of keeping score. With your partner mark 10 or so trees, lamp posts, bins or other objects to be your ‘holes’. Now each takes turns throwing the Frisbee. The person closer to the hole goes first.

When you’ve finished the game, there’s no better way of ending the date with the next idea.


This date can require a bit of work, but the rewards can be fantastic. You don’t have to pack a full wicker basket and bottle of champagne. Even a few sandwiches and a bottle of coke surrounded by nature can be enough for a memorable experience. But if you’re trying to impress, there is ample opportunity to do so.

Lying on a blanket with your partner in a beautiful location can be a great inhibition destroyer. This may well be the only situation where you could lie down together on the first date!

Obviously this works best in warm weather. Have an alternative venue like a cafe planned in case your picnic gets rained off.


Pack a bag without your partner knowing, After breakfast on a Saturday, tell her to hop into the car and drive her to the woods. Once you arrive, pass her a compass. You’re going for a walk in the woods!

The element of surprise always adds to the romance. Besides, getting lost and having to navigate through nature together is a strong bond-forming exercise.

Just make sure to not get so lost you can’t find your way back!


For the majority of people living in big cities, a winery tour is probably just a few hours drive away at most. Not only will you be surrounded by gorgeous vineyards, but you’ll get to see the interesting manufacturing process behind one of your favourite beverages. And of course, there will most likely be tasting sessions at the end!

This is often a bit of an expense, as it’s essentially a whole day’s activity – probably not ideal for a first date. Some of the larger wineries have cafes on their premises that serve great meals to complement their wines. Otherwise, bring a picnic basket and be sure to be clear of alcohol if you’re driving home.


It’s not what it sounds like! Most shopping centres have some kind of novelty shop with all kinds of fun gadgets, puzzles and souvenirs. From department stores that stock massage chairs and foot massagers, to places like ‘Menkind’ or ‘But is it Art’ that are always bound to make you laugh with their amusing gift ideas. Test out the games, tinker with the gizmos and fiddle with the doohickeys.

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to turn it up a notch, why not step into an actual adult shop like ‘Victoria’s Secret’ or something even more risqué. Choosing lingerie together is a great way to spice up a relationship. Pick out some favourites and feel that exciting anticipation as you wait to see them in it later that night.

These kinds of dates can be as harmless and cheap as window shopping, or anintimate date with a loved one. Step onto the high street and see what your city has to offer!


 While you’re in town, there’s always a cheap bargain shop like Poundland or B&M.

They usually get overlooked but it’s perfect for this fun little date idea. You both come into the shop and have to buy each other one item that means something.

Maybe it’s a light bulb because she ‘lights up your life’ or perhaps you’ve found her favourite chocolate bar from when she was a child. Keep it hidden until they’re both bought and then reveal them to each other outside the shop. This is bound to bring a smile to each other’s faces and is perfect before or after a proper date.


Kids know how to have fun without spending their pocket money. Why do we adults think that romance has to involve a major expenditure? Consider these “childish” dating ideas:

  • Lie down and watch the shapes of the clouds or count the stars
  • Hop on the slide or the swings. Play hopscotch and jump on a skipping rope
  • Try and chase the end of a rainbow
  • Go roller-skating
  • Make a dandelion necklace or a daisy chain
  • Run through a sprinkler on a hot day
  • Build a sandcastle or fly a kite at the beach
  • Make a wish on a falling star
  • Sit under a tree and read a book
  • Watch the ants at work and feed the ducks

These are inexpensive ways of getting back in touch with your inner child, an excellent way of breaking down those inhibitions.


What could be more romantic than being alone with your partner, with no one else around for miles, surrounded by beautiful scenery? Camping is bound to bring out the romance in any relationship.

Love the idea of camping but don’t think shitting in a hole is romantic? You don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to enjoy the experience. If you have a garden, why not pitch a tent there for the night? If you live in a flat, or don’t have a tent, no worries! Your living room can be the venue, and a couple of bed sheets or blankets will serve just fine as a tent. If you have a fireplace, then that could serve as a campfire – but careful with those blankets!


Fishing is often cited as one of the most relaxing activities to exist. What better way, then to spend the time with a loved one? Make your way to a body of water near you. Why not combine it with the camping idea above?

If you’re lucky enough to catch something, clean it, cut it and string it up above a fire. That’s a romantic dinner for two sorted!


Have you ever considered going to the library for a romantic date? They’re not just for checking out books.

Think about going to the library for your next date to do some of the following:

  • Find a newspaper from the day each of you were born. Read the headlines to each other
  • Go to the children’s section and see if you can locate some of your favorite books from when you were a kid
  • See if there’s any good music or movies that you can take out for an excuse for them to come back to your place
  • Search the computer and see if there are any authors who share your Take a look at their books
  • Go to the travel section and plan your dream vacation together


This next one’s a little bit mad but if you’re feeling bold, read on. Drive-In dates can be a fun and romantic experience. But if you want to get really creative and knock the socks off your date, rent a van for the night. Before the date, take some of your living room furniture and arrange it in the back of the van. A sofa and coffee table should be enough, with one or two plants for decoration. If you want to go all out, include a dining table and chairs, with food and candles to eat by.

Park in the back of the outdoor cinema so the van doesn’t block anyone’s view. Open the back and have the cinema experience from the comfort of your own sofa!


The next time you’re looking for date ideas when it’s raining and you’re stuck inside, look in your wardrobe. Take out a few board games. Together with your sweetheart create your own game using pieces from the ones you found.

If you have a lot of fun with it, you might want to write down what you did so you can play again.


Playing sports with your date can be a great way to both have fun and stay healthy. From tennis and golf to more extreme sports like rock climbing and canoeing, regardless of your preferred sport there’s an activity for everyone. You can grab a ball and play at the local park, or rent a room at the leisure centre. Rent some electric scooters or segways.

Let’s not forget that running around, getting hot and sweaty releases endorphins. Feeling that pleasure together is a sure-fire way to bond with your partner.

Just be sure not to play too rough and ruin the mood with an injury!


Let’s go through some rapid fire date ideas that speak for themselves.

  • Decorate cakes blindfolded
  • Plant a tree in the countryside to honour one of your special anniversaries or occasions
  • Go to church, followed by a nice Sunday brunch
  • Instead of a lunch or dinner date, try a breakfast date
  • Go for a night swim with candles and petals floating in the pool
  • If you two are a regular item, join a bowling league for a regular night out together
  • Find a cheap piece of furniture for one of your places and restore it together with a fresh coat of paint
  • Try making a gourmet meal together
  • A whipped cream food fight
  • Rent a convertible for the day while the weather is still warm and take a ride to the beach, mountains or countryside
  • Play along with a television game Keep score and the loser takes the winner out for ice cream
  • Go to the golf driving range. If you don’t usually play, it’s all the more fun
  • Wake up early and search for treasures together at a local market, fair or car boot sale
  • Rewatch the first movie you ever saw together
  • Warm up the house in winter by baking several batches of cookies together to share with friends and family
  • Dress up in hats and boots and find a country and western bar
  • Draw portraits of each other (even better if neither of you are artistic)
  • Hunt for four leaf clovers
  • Spend the day looking through each other’s photo albums and baby photos
  • Get a bucket of chalk at the kids store and make some masterpieces on the pavement
  • Play bingo at a local bingo hall – great place to people-watch too
  • Go panning for gold
  • Go through a gourmet grocery store, sampling the items and buying something you have never tried before
  • Spend a quiet day fasting (going without food or something else) as a spiritual journey
  • Locate the movie that won the Academy Award for Best Picture, the year of your sweetheart’s birth and watch it together
  • Build a house of cards together
  • Find a nearby river or stream and go “tubing” down it together
  • Take your sweetheart on a tour of your hometown or university
  • Host a wig party
  • Write and film a short movie with a video camera
  • Visit your capital and watch a legislative session in action
  • Purchase coloring books and spend the evening coloring and talking about each other’s childhoods
  • Look up at the night sky and pick out a star for each Make official certificates, officially naming the star after your sweetheart
  • Take an art class or other course together
  • Adopt a street or small area that the two of you clean up together
  • Try to get to the highest or lowest elevation point in your area
  • Watch an awards show together and present your own awards during commercials
  • Cook some marshmallows over your fireplace
  • Go to a laser show or special showing at a planetarium
  • Make a stain glass window together to put in your house
  • Enjoy a bottle of wine from your year of birth
  • Book an afternoon tea
  • Make an old fashioned root beer float and drink it with two straws
  • Attend a dog show and try to pick out the winners
  • Go midnight bowling
  • Build a birdhouse or feeder together
  • Try your hands at making characters out of balloons
  • Get a book on bird watching and see how many different birds you and your sweetheart can spot (they are easier to see in the winter)
  • Help your date rearrange or redecorate a room in his or her house
  • Wash, dry and brush your lover’s hair
  • Celebrate your sweetheart’s “half” birthday (six months after his or her real birthday)
  • Buy some water colors or finger paints and paint just for fun
  • Go to a nearby park with hiking trails
  • Plant an indoor winter herb garden together
  • Get in the mood for winter by visiting an indoor ice skating rink
  • Do a blindfolded smell test of your various perfumes or colognes. Give a prize for each correct guess


If you’re going out, do some research beforehand. Are you sure you and your date will actually enjoy the £50 exhibit on Roman pottery? It may have sounded like a good idea at the time.

What will the weather be doing? You don’t want your date cut short by a twister forcing you into some mid-air bonding with a cow called Mabel!

Book ahead. Show that you’re a forward thinker and know how to lead.

Apply the ‘Style Plus One’ principal. First, find out how you might dress appropriately for the venue and situation. Then dress ‘one better’. If it’s casual, go smart casual. If it’s smart casual, go smart. You want to make sure that you’re the best dressed in the room, and your date knows it.

Bring cash. Especially if it’s an excursion in the countryside, as not all vendors accept card yet. Plus you should leave a little change for tips.

Have a second activity in mind just in case something still goes awry.

I hope these tips will help you not only secure a memorable date but to never have the same date twice. Now get out there and attract the woman you want, whether it’s short or long term.

If you require further advice on lifestyle and dating, look no further than the wealth of articles on my website. Good vibes, always!

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