The art of Keeping a Woman Happy

December 6, 2017 - 7 minutes read

the true art of keeping a woman happy

Hi, Readers.

Knowing how to keep a woman happy isn’t some never ending, unsolvable equation, nor is it rocket science; there is an art to it.

No two women are the same, but in a relationship, there is a common thread to the qualities they find attractive in a guy. A happy woman is one that stays by your side, remains faithful, and retains a strong sexual desire for you.

Women can be difficult to read, and they are superb at reading people themselves. It can sometimes seem like nothing makes them happy. But that’s only because you’re not looking in the right places for what makes her tick.

Ways to make a woman happy

It’s not as scary or difficult as it’s cracked up to be. You just have to think more actively about certain parts of life that you may not have thought about if you spent a lot of time with male friends or hanging out with large groups.

Relationships take work. Here’s what you need to do make a woman happy.

Understand her values.

Be consistent with meeting her values. Don’t actively conflict with what she believes. If she’s vegan, for example, accommodate that lifestyle. Let’s say, in that same scenario, you promise to eat meat to support her as a gesture – stick to it. Be a man of your word and uphold what she finds important.

Respect is central to keeping a woman happy. If she feels that you don’t respect her, she’s gradually start looking elsewhere for happiness.

And, when in doubt about what she values, go with what’s morally right. If you think it’s going to piss her off, don’t do it.

If you live together, tidy up.

Make sure you take that 5 minutes to get the house together before she comes home. If you’re both professionals, hire a cleaner.

You need to have a little consideration for your surroundings – she doesn’t enjoy nagging you. She is just tired and bored of having to think about these things for the both of you.

It gives the impression you don’t value the time she puts aside to pursue her own activities and interests because you’re assuming that she’s happy to spend all her time tidying up after you.

It can sometimes feel like no amount of cleaning will ever make her happy, so go over and above for her. Don’t wait to be asked. Be the one thinking about tidying up in the first place.

If you don’t live with your partner, translate this to being on time when you meet her and offering to help her with whatever you can when you’re at her place.

Keep your woman happy and care for her.

Cook for her. Do the basic tasks that you don’t have to do. Make plans and arrangements and have attention to detail – think about the little things that she appreciates, like having a cup of tea ready for her when she’s home from work.

Make plans for the two of you when you’re on holiday. Treat her to nights out – often. Be thoughtful and give her experiences she’ll appreciate.

That little extra thought goes such a long way.

Never stop dating her

Create a lifestyle for you both that offers not just moments but memories.

Remember to create time for each other and earmark that time as special. Don’t get caught up with putting the time in your schedule for everyone but the person closest to you.

Give her time for herself

Don’t suffocate her. Trying to hog her time will make her feel claustrophobic.

This comes with having your own life – make sure both of you are pursuing your own interests outside of work and holding on to who you are.

Also, encourage her in her pursuits. If she’s an actress or dancer, go and see her shows. If she does charity work, muck in as well, or set up a donation to the charity in your name. Be there for her, and you’ll make her happy.

Build her self-esteem and confidence

Make her feel proud of who she is and the person she is becoming. You’re going to be together for a while and hopefully grow older together, so make her feel great during what can often be a rockier road for a woman than a guy.

Be sure to constantly remind her of the amazing qualities she has and how much you appreciate them. She should feel petite, small, and protected, and you need to allow her to feel like a woman in the relationship.

As you can see, there really isn’t all that much to it. You just have to be a decent human being who cares about her and acts thoughtfully. And if that’s too much to ask, you probably need to think twice about being in a relationship.

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