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Amsterdam is a beautiful old city, ripe with romance and revelry alike. Whether you’re planning to throw yourself into the history of the town, idle along by the canals or delve into… greener pastures, shall we say, it’s a great atmosphere in which to turn an encounter with a lady into something more. You’re likely to meet female tourists from all over looking for a good time, so how do you translate a fleeting encounter on their quest to get high into a your becoming a major, memorable part of their trip and maybe even more?

In such a maze of a city, teeming with people, it helps to have a guide – and the same applies to its women. You don’t have to pay to get laid in Amsterdam, as legend has it. You may simply need someone to get to the heart of the chaos and teach you how to carry yourself as valuable to the ladies. If so, you could do far worse than some professional dating training to help you stand out.

Johnny Cassell is a long-established dating coach operating out of the UK but working everywhere, and uses an academically fortified mix of behavioural psychology and world-worn experience to provide bespoke, one-to-one coaching that can triple your chances of meeting the woman you really want.

He focuses not on hackneyed lines and generalized tips, but real core confidence that applies not only in the frantic and fun world of dating but also in the office, with friends, when making difficult decisions and when you have to be there for your folks. Johnny Cassell will not teach you how to gain confidence from speaking to women, more speak to women efficiently and authentically after developing your self-esteem first.

Johnny also goes out with you into the field, so like any good trainer can assess and evaluate the way you work and give you on-the-job training like no other, serving as both wingman and guide.

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