Johnny Cassell is a leading human behaviourist and dating specialist who has been actively improving his dating and social skills since 2005.  He has also literally helped thousands of men all over the world triple their own success rates.  Now let Johnny be your dating coach in Dubai.

As a professional dating coach, Johnny will help with self-esteem building, confidence improving and work with you in whatever capacity required whether this be a weekend wingman, Skype sessions or through one of his sell-out Workshops.

When choosing a dating specialist you need to know that you can work with that person.  You also need to know if they can actively “help” you achieve your dreams no matter what your background or current circumstances.

Johnny has worked personally with men of all backgrounds ranging from company directors, playboys, students, celebrities and psychology lecturers.  His ability to help men of all backgrounds has led him to gain an enviable reputation as someone who can really help you raise your bar and meet the woman of your dreams.

In addition to his sell-out trainings he regularly gives out free advice via his videos.  You can watch him approach a complete stranger and take her for a coffee.

Johnny is more than just a professional dating coach.

Via his workshops you get to become competent in the following areas:

  • Dealing with your own “self limiting” beliefs
  • Creating an attractive lifestyle
  • Mastering body language
  • Understanding the laws of attraction and implementing them
  • Building self esteem and confidence
  • Conversations that leave a lasting impression
  • Working on your own self image and identity
  • Vocal training and tonality
  • Understanding of a man’s purpose
  • Self awareness of your goals and wants

No matter what your issues are, or what you feel your problem is or lack of success is attributed to, as an elite dating Coach in Dubai Johnny is here to help.  He prides himself on his success rates, and you can very shortly have a far more exciting lifestyle so feel free to get in touch and change your success rates and personal self improvement together. Just as you have a driving instructor, Johnny is your vehicle to success with women.

Whether you are in a rut or feel isolated or have perhaps just come out of a long term relationship a modern day dating coach could seriously pay dividends.  Even if you are a virgin, or have had to handle strict religious upbringings Johnny can help.

Get in touch today and see how things can quickly change for the better.


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