If you’re in Las Vegas, the global epicentre for revelry and gaudy entertainment, it’s for a very specific purpose. Maybe you’re there with a bachelor party, or a work weekend away, or maybe to gamble and drink indiscriminately while time is stopped. Maybe you’re there to meet women of all classes and ages who want the exact the same thing. Perhaps you want to marry the two ideas (not in one of Vegas’ patented shotgun wedding chapels) and meet women as part of your Vegas adventure.

In Vegas, your initial conversations are likely to be pretty easy – everyone is there to have a good time. Sometimes these meetings can be so fleeting and full of distractions that it can be difficult to efficiently put in the groundwork to build rapport and get Vegas women to go home with you.

It helps to really maximise the Return on Investment when you are talking to Vegas women, and the best ways to make sure you are giving a stellar first impression of yourself – without simply flashing cash all over the place – is to hone your approach with a dating coach.

Johnny Cassell is one of the UK’s leading dating specialists, whose teaching approach is well-rooted in behavioural psychology and boasts ten years of success stories and changed lives. The structure of his dating trainer services swerves around cliches and developing patterns in the way you approach women, and instead takes the shape of one-on-one bespoke confidence coaching – giving YOU the self-esteem present in every step you take to master attraction.

The lessons you learn won’t just apply with Vegas women – you can take the core confidence you build with Johnny into any walk of life. Positivity breeds success, so make an investment in your positivity today and watch your success rate with women TRIPLE.

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