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If you’re in London, and you’re looking for self-confidence courses, let me talk to you for a moment.

Just so that you know before you read this: I have been there. You may be thinking “How has my confidence gotten so low that I’m considering external help?” Well, I’m Johnny Cassell. I give seminars and in-depth confidence-building courses, and I was once staring down a very similar barrel to the one you currently are.

I know it can’t be easy to look at those guys without feeling a little envious. You know the type of person I mean – a man who can just walk into a room and talk to anyone. A guy who can make anyone feel comfortable in their presence, and who gets there through developing extreme comfort in his own skin and transferring that state to others.

Guess what? There’s no need to only expect confidence from other people. It is not an innate quality. One of the beliefs driving my work is that confidence is not only possible for absolutely everyone, but a key factor in becoming healthier, happier, better people.

What is Confidence and why is it Important?

Confidence is very much a long, committed process that you have to go through. It is not a chemical in your brain telling you what to think. It is the process of taking a holistic look at your life – work, romances, friendships, exercise routines, stimulation, investments, the lot – and actively working on the myriad aspects of being human as areas to be improved.

I used to be socially hamstrung. I wasn’t shy, but I had difficulties creating impactful conversations with women, and I didn’t believe I deserved anything particularly special for myself. I wasn’t really part of a group of friends at school. It developed into a frustrating circle of hesitation, inaction, and self-doubt that I had no interest in perpetuating but no way to stop myself from doing so.

I didn’t get to take any confidence and assertiveness training courses. I had the hunger to become better, and a heap of books and studies. Behavioral psychology taught me more of less everything I need to know about reading conversations and listening to people. Knowing what people want is the way to add value to their lives. And adding value to the lives of others is a pillar of building your own confidence.

It became very obvious that men of all ages needed to hear about what I was studying, but even learning about the way the human mind works wasn’t enough. Like all science, the hypotheses had to be made real. Testing these theories in social situations and working out a useful application for them in my own life took years, but they had a very real impact.

I went from being my own guinea pig to a walking example of the type of confidence I’d been after this whole time. I talked to literally thousands of women in that time, built business connections, learned to really enjoy my time spent socialising, and found a deep and profound love for the person I was and the value I could offer the world.

Mastering self-esteem and passing on my knowledge is yet another way to cement core confidence in my own head. But it can also start you on a journey to reclaim your own confidence.

I’ve been teaching confidence development courses in London and across the world for over ten years now, because I want guys to feel that same warmth and have the same self-esteem fuelling every step they take.

Look, I could very easily adopt the attitude that I accelerated along my path to core confidence, and that it should be equally easy for other guys to do the same.

However, real life is real life. Some people simply do not the have time or headspace to expand their scope to every corner of their life and really put in the work to build their confidence and sense of balance. Sometimes, it can be difficult even knowing where to start.

Why Take a Confidence Course with Me!

Taking a confidence-building course can be a great way to have someone else focus your approach to shaping your self-esteem. They allow you to concentrate on taking the steps, rather than guiding them. It often only takes that first little triumph or hint of success to get you into a healthy cycle of productive, confident behavior.

On my courses, you don’t just get the benefit of my experience. I have a dedicated team of experts who work with you closely to shape your posture, stride, body language, and your wardrobe – even what you’re eating can affect your confidence.

I’ll go out with you in the field while you talk to women, and provide a full analysis of what to improve on. There isn’t a man who has finished my course without smashing down a hefty proportion of his personal barriers and hangups.

I’m so confident about these results, and that these teachings will add value to your life, I offer a 100% money back guarantee if you don’t feel you got what you signed up for.

After the course, it’s then up to you to continue the journey.

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From our Students

He knows his psychology stuff, he’s systematic, well articulated, explains concepts from different angles, and will accompany you on your journey – with his coaching, I got my perfect 10 model / dream girl. Can’t thank him enough! And it’s a skill that stays with you for the rest of your life..

– Armi R

Johnny really is the real deal, his coaching literally changed my way of thinking and in essence my whole life, am now meeting more beautiful and fun women than i ever thought possible,An absolute legend.

– Ben W

His expertise and skills are fantastic and the way he customised his education to my needs and desires made sure that the skills were transferable. A few weeks later those skills helped me with meeting my

– Gavriel M

Johnny is the best dating coach in the world, I have been with many mentors and he by far is the best!
I struggled to talk to people in the street, Johnny demonstrated and I followed.
The result was outstanding!
since then I am with the girl of my dreams a 10!!!
And we are spending the year travelling to South East Asia.
I would have never been able to attract such a girl without Johnny helping me.
The investment is soooo worth it!


– Oli N

Johnny Cassell was pivotal in my decision to travel 5000 miles to establish a relationship I had completely misunderstood. His advice provided unfounded insight that I allowed my ego to overlook. Whether you are confident or not…this highly calm, collective and intelligent expert in dating can make you realise the answers to your relationship troubles. Consider him the best friend, confidante or muse in your life.

Thank you Mr Cassell!

– Asma H

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