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Impactful Connections

The Course that became a buzz word in the Industry. Work with Johnny and the team in this 12hr Intensive Workshop.

7 Day Programme

Experience complete Immersion with Johnny and the team for 7 days and 7 nights back to back.

Mentorship Programme

Often described as like getting a  ‘Masters’ in dating & seduction. Choose from 6 or 12 months. Only for those that are willing to jump ‘both feet in’.

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One on one sessions

Johnny firstly offers a 5 hour, one-on-one personal training session. This will encompass a full 5 hours of in-field coaching, where you will learn openers, closers, and everything in between. By the end of these 5 hours, you will already be able to open conversations with beautiful women on the street, in cafés, in bars and clubs, and be number closing them 80% of the time.

Johnny also offers a one-on-one session consisting of 30 hours spread over the course of 3 days, where the aforementioned techniques and more can be explored in more depth, giving you more time to practice and develop your own routines, pushing you out of your comfort zones to deliver results.

Other techniques and aspects of dating mastery you will learn about include;

  • Daytime approaching
  • Evening approaching
  • Conversation techniques
  • Sexual escalation
  • Kino techniques
  • Club dynamics and perception
  • Mindset Mechanics
  • Projecting positivity
  • State control
  • Confidence
  • Conquering approach anxiety
  • Direct openers
  • Indirect openers
  • Non verbal openers
  • Unlimited conversation techniques
  • Creating impact
  • Make her want to see you again
  • Social proof

Price on enquiry


Advanced Package

For advanced students, Johnny offers the advanced package. This consists of a weekly coaching session over the course of  6 months, at £3000 a month. Here, the more experienced student will learn more, and harder to master techniques. Contact here

Travel Arrangements

International bookings are available. Johnny will travel to students in Europe, America and the rest of the world to coach students in any location. You will be responsible for accommodation, however, which should be discussed with plenty of time to spare. Hotels should be 5 stars, and flights should be Business/First class.


Skype Consultations

Johnny is also available for Skype sessions, which are personal and customisable one-on-one talks, for advice on a wide range of topics of your choosing. Quick, easy and accessible, Skype sessions are for those who want immediate assistance for a lower price of £250.

All packages can be discussed to fit your needs and lifestyle. Contact here

PUA Bootcamp London

Getting Any Woman, After Going On A PUA Bootcamp

Millions of men out there walk through their daily life and don’t get the woman of their dreams. They see women pass them by, and they even know some that are “friendly”, but nothing more develops. In some instances, men assume that they have no hope getting that hot girl at the bar, or even at work. That’s unfortunately going to be the scenario many people end up with, unless they find a way to learn how to be more confident. That’s where Johnny Cassell comes into play. He’s a dating coach, and expert that has been getting a lot of media coverage in regards to how to get past the initial hello, and into a lot more dates with hot women. There are several ways to get to this point, and it starts with PUA coaching.

PUA Training – Not Your Average Experience

When you think about dating, you are going to find that there are dating seminars about this very topic. However, they don’t usually give you the best advice. In fact, many of them just go through some simple elements and charge you a ton of money. That’s not what happens when you seek out Pick up Artist Training. In these intensive options, you will get guided through the ins and outs of dating hot women. Not only that, it’s done with the absolute beginner in mind. Getting personalised instruction is just the beginning, as you’ll get a rundown of information that takes you from opening lines, to how to get more action in the bedroom. These aren’t just about “dating”, they are about getting more numbers, more dates, and more action through proven patterns and associations.

The Johnny Cassell Difference

People are no doubt going to be skeptical, and that’s ok. Many have gone through dating seminars in the past and didn’t really get much in terms of results. That’s because they are using archaic methods that don’t work. There are a lot of “self-help” books that you can read, and even go through the old options at the library and see a lot of solutions. But what you are not going to get from them, is modern thought. The right methods for today’s women will change how you view dating, and will absolutely give you a fighting chance. Johnny Cassell’s methods aren’t meant for the past, they are meant for the modern man, and the future. There’s attention paid to very subtle elements, speech patterns, and vocabulary. You will see it through videos, and through PUA Bootcamps that give you the tools necessary to walk into the world with confidence. This is the big difference that you will see right away.

Should I take the class? Does It Work?

People think that becoming a pick up artist is something that you’re born into. That’s not the case. Johnny Cassell goes through great lengths to show that anyone can pick up beautiful women, and some even off the street. If you check out Cassell’s live videos in the streets of London Just walking in the park, and saying hello can break open the doors of dating. Regardless of what you look like, how much money you have, or what you’re wearing, there are things that you can say and do to delight women from the first moment you speak to them. If your goal is to get past the lackluster dating scene you’ve been trapped in, then you have to give a PUA Bootcamp a chance.
Look, what you’re doing now isn’t working. If it was, then you wouldn’t be looking for dating coaches, or expert advice. If you want to change that, then you can do so by simply learning the right steps to getting more action. The foundation has already been introduced, it’s just up to you to put it into action. If you want to get with women, you need to know the insider tips and tricks that Cassell has taught throughout the UK , simple as that.

  • "I sought out Johnny, because I came to a point in my life where I needed a change. I was 21 and I’ve been nervous and awkward around attractive women my whole life; I’ve had a few brief relationships but they all ended badly and I could never approach women in social occasions. In fact, I had severe doubts about whether if I could attract beautiful women at all. Writing this now, it is actually difficult for me to put myself back in my own shoes and see what my beliefs were 10 month ago because they have changed so much since then. I think the most important thing Johnny has done for me is not necessarily to have taught me how to approach, how to deal with certain situations and so on. But to have transformed my inner beliefs and allowed me to come to expect to meet beautiful women and know deeply that I am the kind of man that deserve the best."

    Marcus, London
  • "Without Johnny’s help I know I would not have been able to achieve this and I can’t thank him enough. Johnny stayed in contact after I worked with him which shows he genuinely cares about his students. Wether you want your ex back or want to take your game to the next level, Johnny is the man to go to!"

    Richard, Scotland
  • "Greatest experience of my life! My life has truly changed since attending this course. I thought I was good and then I met Johnny. That guy cleans house everywhere he goes and he told me that he used to be useless but he has been working at this for years. I am truly motivated and inspired by this course. I thought I was being clever by downloading books and reading them online for free but I realise now that I wasn’t. Now I see that it’s like claiming to be a doctor because you read an online article once but in reality you need to pay for courses, you need to train and it takes years. Thank you very much"

    Matthew, London