Have you ever wanted to be more confident and more successful with girls?  If you have had limited past success with girls then Johnny can help you break through all of the self-imposed beliefs that have been stopping you from achieving the lifestyle you truly deserve.

So who is Johnny Cassell, dating coach in New York? 

Johnny is a wonderful, polite English man with has rigorously worked on his own self improvement, measuring and refining his methods so that success is the only outcome through trial and error.  Now after more than 10 years of refining and teaching to others he can help you achieve success with dating girls.

Johnny is a professional dating coach.  A focused dating trainer who offers 1-to-1 help, weekend wingman help, Skype calls and intensive workshops which usually sell out very quickly.  He has gained an enviable reputation as  man who can help you get what you want, and fast.

Johnny has worked personally with men of all statuses, including marketing directors, company directors, playboys, celebrities, students and also psychology lecturers.  His ability to help men of all backgrounds has led him to gain an enviable reputation as someone who can really help you raise your bar and meet the woman of your dreams.

Often you find that men who have excelled in one area of their life (i.e. business) tend to do so at the expense of another area of their life (i.e. dating) and this is where Johnny Cassell comes in.

Johnny is more than just a professional dating coach.

Here are the sort of things you can expect to learn when you attend one of his sell-out workshops:

  • Working on your own self image and identity
  • Vocal training and tonality
  • Understanding of a man’s purpose
  • Mastering body language
  • Dealing with your own “self limiting” beliefs
  • Self awareness of your goals and wants
  • Creating an attractive lifestyle
  • Understanding the laws of attraction and implementing them
  • Building self esteem and confidence
  • Conversations that leave a lasting impression

In addition to his sell-out trainings he regularly gives out free advice via his videos.  You can watch him approach a complete stranger and take her for a coffee.

So what are you waiting for? 

If you’ve had issues in the past due to religious reasons, or are still a virgin who wants to make the first move but are too scared then get in touch with Johnny.  You are guaranteed nothing but sheer professionalism, and a change around in your own personal self confidence, self esteem and improvement in both your every day life and love life.

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