There’s more to Tokyo than tech developments and neon lights: there’s a host of beautiful women and a heavy emphasis on professional life that means they, like yourself, are simply too busy to pursue meaningful relationships a lot of the time. The time is ripe for you to stand up and stand out, and to start getting results in a city where you are truly unique.

You may not realise it, but if you are struggling to break through the Tokyo professional bubble and strike up a meaningful connection, it’s not a cultural barrier. Your actions, the way you talk, the way you stand and who you interact with in a room – those are your barriers. Your lack of self-esteem is your barrier. You may need an external pair of eyes to guide you to sexual mastery.

Johnny Cassell is an internationally renowned dating coach whose techniques have been shown worldwide to triple success with women. He goes beyond simple dating advice to dedicated, bespoke one-on-one coaching in the field, where he shows just how often he walks the walk.

This is not airy relationship advice – this is sustained work in support of your core confidence that you can take into any other aspect of your life.

Based in the UK, Johnny has been putting this dating training into practice over the last ten years and has a client base that spans the globe. It’s because his methods are universal – they’re based on a keen understanding of behavioural psychology, and providing you with core confidence coaching that you can take from the dating room to the conference suite to the golf course. And it will work in Tokyo as well as anywhere else.

Crucially, for somewhere like Tokyo where the work-life balance is so much more delicate, he can coach you right the way through a relationship, and act as a mediator when further understanding is needed between you and the woman you’ve chosen to be with. Johnny works on you, so the balance is just a side-effect of your new core confidence.

Here are some of the things you would develop when working with Johnny Cassell as a dating trainer:

  • Making an impact through conversations
  • Redefining your beliefs and smashing your boundaries
  • How to become attractive simply by living at your optimum potential
  • Deeply knowing, and putting to use, a mans purpose
  • Getting rid of social anxiety
  • Knowing what you want – and how to get it
  • Mastering body language – physicalising confidence
  • Knowing your way around the inner workings of attraction
  • Developing core confidence
  • Building your personal brand – and how you see yourself
  • How to use your voice as an instrument for success

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