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As a hub of business, tradition and glamour all mingling as one, Hong Kong is a prime place to meet beautiful, sophisticated local women and high-flying businesswomen from all over. It’s somewhere that, to stand out, you need to be operating at peak performance constantly. It can be exhausting and leave you very little time and energy to find the fun side of meeting people.

That’s where a dating coach comes in. As you would train in any martial art to centre yourself, so too can you get the same core confidence and inner contentment from the world of dating. Mastery can be achieved in anything you set your mind to.

And if you want to meet the right woman in Hong Kong, mastery is what’s needed.

So it helps to learn from a master.

Johnny Cassell is an english dating coach with over a decade’s worth of experience of meeting women and teaching others how to do the same. His focus on behavioural psychology and really knowing how to interact with people over gimmicks, lines and games is what makes him popular with his global roster of clients.

His dedicated, individual tuition and guidance have been shown to triple his clients’ success with women, and he serves as a wingman in the field to support the application of his teaching. He doesn’t just walk the walk, he walks with you.

It is not just a romantic or erotic journey. The skills you learn under Johnny’s guidance will be skills that carry you through all walks of life. His approach is about instilling core confidence – embedding it so that it’s stops becoming a discipline you practice, and starts being a mindset you live out every day.

It’s the living out of this mindset that attracts powerful, beautiful women to you.

Johnny’s bespoke dating coaching takes you through the following:

  • Making your conversations striking – building an amazing first impression
  • Shattering your barriers and marking out your beliefs
  • How to live in your optimum flow
  • Knowing a mans role – and making it work to your advantage
  • How to combat social anxiety and look forward to going out again
  • Becoming self-aware in monitoring your goals
  • Owning your body language
  • Putting into practice the rules of attraction
  • Anchoring your self-esteem
  • Working on your self-image
  • Vocal training and how to bring he best out of your voice

With the right dating trainer, you can get the girl – and the you – that you always wanted but always, incorrectly, deemed to be ‘out of your league.’

Johnny Cassell is your relationship coach in Hong Kong. To find out more, head to pua-training and start out on your journey to sexual mastery today, with one of the world’s leading confidence coaches.


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