Paris: notoriously the ‘City of Love’ and known for its romantic walks, breathtaking cityscape and a rich, long-running tradition of culture, music, art and more. If you’re in Paris right now and wondering where your fairytale Parisian romance is, you may be taking the wrong approach.

If you are wandering around Paris like a lost puppy with sad accordion music following you around, perhaps it’s time to stop taking dating advice from your friends and start working with an experienced dating coach who can advise and coach you with no bias.

Johnny Cassell is an english relationship coach who has ten years experience in tripling the rate of his clients’ success with women. His knowledge and thorough grounding in human behaviourism have shown many men of all ages a world beyond the self-constructed barriers of “I’m not good enough” or “she’s out of my league.” The relationship advice and dating advice given by Johnny is well tested and proven to work.

This mastery comes into play not only in your romantic endeavours in Paris, but also squeezing every last drop from life and making sure that every step you take is filled with self-confidence.

Johnny teaches you the ins-and-outs of recognising body language and the psychosocial elements of managing attraction. If one-to-one tuition is not yet on the cards for you, why not come along to one of Johnny dating advice and relationship advice seminars? You could learn more about:

  • Creating a great impression through your conversations
  • Breaking down your own social barriers and beliefs
  • Living attractively
  • Understanding more about your own purpose, and the purpose of a man
  • Stamping on social anxiety
  • Your own goals and wants, and acting on them
  • Understanding and portraying the right body language
  • Formulating an understanding of how attraction really works
  • Building self-confidence
  • Constructing your self-image
  • How to speak and control your voice

Be sure to book on one of these seminars before they sell out.

Johnny Cassell is here to tell you that you do not need to compromise, and you can have the girl and life that you really want. You simply need to invest in yourself. As a confidence coach and dating trainer, some dedicated, bespoke sessions with Johnny could be your first step to full self-realisation.

Make the most of Paris and its women, and head to for more information.