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June 21, 2011 - 3 minutes read



I’m sat in a coffee shop in Covent Garden. This place is literally buzzing. The constant flow of business professionals is quite striking. At first you notice something different when you look into the eyes and faces of these people… ambition, determination and pride. They are proud of who they are and what they represent –  great qualities. For someone that suffers from approach anxiety this is no walk in the park. You are dealing with people that have places to go… important people to see but still, today, I am determined my student gets the results he wants out of the session.

Here I have written out a structure of the model we will be using today and have broken it down with a few examples.

P.S Day game is not even my speciality !





Time Constraint



  • Be Direct
  • Allow Comfortable talking distance between you both
  • Approach from side. NEVER FROM BEHIND
  • Eye contact
  • Smile on approach
  • Project voice
  • use pauses and tone


  • This is really random but I’ve noticed you have a really natural beauty about you
  • Your tan is really cool, where did you get that?
  • I love your confidence


  • You look like you’re well travelled
  • How long have you been dancing for
  • When it comes to swimming your more of a doggy paddler


  • Use a thread from the 10 hook lead system to build repour.
  • At height of the conversation cut the thread

-Time Constraint-

False time constraint to get out whilst she is feeling good and enjoying the conversation. This anchors good feelings towards you and allows you to get out before the conversation hits a lull.

  • Listen I’ve really got to get back to work, I’ve really enjoyed talking to you actually,  put your number in there (hand phone) we should continue this conversation another time – nick name number close, kiss cheek close and get out of there buddy !

Remember guys HOT women very rarely get approached in the day, increase your chances of bagging these girls by going direct – this separates you from just another guy that approached her in a nightclub or at a party and most importantly she will REMEMBER you …

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