How to Make Impact With Women

February 15, 2014 - 2 minutes read








I want to talk to you guys on how to make impact with women.


Think about the people that make impact in YOUR life, the people that put a smile on YOUR face and ask yourself, why? Why does this happen? How do they do this? Personally I think back to the people that put a smile on my face, and the people who, when I look at my phone and they’re ringing I’m already smiling. This is because they’ve anchored positivity and good energy to themselves. And they do this by breaking rapport.


Now, you can break rapport either on the phone, meeting women in the day, meeting women in the evening or just in your day-to-day interactions. It makes us want to see these people more. So do it more often.


Here’s an example: if you’ve got a girls number and you want to phone her up, tell her that you can only speak for two minutes. This is called a time constraint, you want to build her energy up, you want to build the excitement up during this phone call. When you identify that, cut it. That’s the moment you’ve got to go.


At first, you’re gonna struggle with this, because it’s in our nature. When we get on with people, we don’t want to lose that connection, But believe me, when you get used to this, it will leave women chasing you. So start incorporating this in your phone calls, when you’re phoning your dates up, in your interactions when you’re at a bar, in a club, on the street, Do this, It is very powerful and it will work.


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