How to Pull in a Club

October 15, 2018 - 7 minutes read

How to Pull in a Club

How to pull in a club 

One of the main questions I get asked on my course is how to pull in a club 

Clubbing should be a treat and a time you enjoy with friends, but very often guys get hung up on the idea of going out specifically to pull women.

Mix that with the cocktails of alcohol and drugs that often accompany the nights out of many people, and there’s plenty of opportunities for improving the way you take control of your time spent clubbing.

I’m going to walk you through how to maximize your chances with women in the bustling environment of a nightclub.

Host pre-drinks 

A great way to exercise your social muscle before going out with a group of people is to host the pre-party at your place.

Hosting anything gives you a sense of social pull and places you as the anchor of your group. It’s an effective way to get the ball rolling on a great night out.

For the premium pre-party, make sure you have the following locked down:

  • Tidy up: Make sure you have your place ready for visitors. Get a cleaner in if you don’t have time before your night out. Especially if there’s girls in the group you’re looking to get closer to, make sure your kitchen is spotless and the area in which you’ll be hanging out has a chilled atmosphere.
  • Keep the fridge stocked: Make sure you have snacks and drinks ready to roll out at a moment’s notice.
  • Find a curated playlist: People with stations on Spotify and similar apps have likely saved you a lot of time and hassle. Find a club-centric playlist to get your friends in the mood.
  • Schedule a taxi a head of time: Make sure you have a booked time to head out and that everyone’s ready to roll. Keeping the momentum going is key to a good night out.

BONUS TIP: Visit the planned venue during the day to speak to management. Knowing the influencers is a strong attractor that gives you a lot of social currency.

Don’t go out to pull 

Guys who go out “on the pull” will frequently come home empty-handed.

This is down to their mindset. I make this point in my workshops: You are not going out to get girls. You are going out to have as much fun as possible and meet interesting, fun people.

When you’re out, make sure you’re talking to everyone: The cab driver on the way there, the security, other people in the line – whoever it is, make sure you’re creating rapport left, right, and center.

If you go in wanting to gain nothing but a social experience, you stand a far greater chance of making women feel comfortable when the social snowball reaches them.

This is my term for it: The build-up of social energy and momentum that rolls up everyone in its path.

Girls don’t go for big, beefy guys – it’s the most social guys that truly win the day. The biggest turn-on for a girl you just spoke to is for her to see you talking to another girl – so talk to every woman in there. 


Having fun while you’re dancing is absolutely essential.

You may not be a natural dancer, but none of that matters. The important factors are energy and confidence.

Here are some vital points to remember about approaching a girl on the dance-floor:

  • Keep eye contact: You are somewhat short on ways to communicate when loud music is playing. However, eye contact should do the trick. It broadcasts confidence and shows intent
  • Gently give her a twirl: The twirl might seem cliché but it’s a subtle, fun move that connects people instantly. You can both twirl in and twirl out, and twirling her into your body can be an intimate move for when you want to take things up a notch. Having your hand around her waist can also make her feel supported and connected.
  • Dance-off with your friends: Facing your friends down in a rhythmic battle for the ages can be a highly interactive, very fun way to broadcast yourselves as extremely social guys. Be as silly as you want – let loose and enjoy yourself.
  • Stay hydrated: Passing out is a buzz-kill. Make sure you’re staying topped up with fluids and keeping any alcohol consumption in check. Have your wits about you and keep that energy going.

VIP area 

Booking a VIP area for yourself and your friends is a surefire way to bring girls into your circle of conversation.

Line up a few bottles of champagne and make sure you go and hang out in other areas of the club too. There’s nothing like a casual “Do you want to come hang out in the VIP area?” to pique a girl’s interest. 

Have a wingman 

Wingmen are vital to the clubbing experiences that yield the best results in terms of seducing women.

They help to keep the flow of positive energy going, talking you up when you need it, and helping you strategise how you get around the club.

Make sure you never go for the same girl and respect each others’ space during approaches.

You might get through a few wingmen before you find one with the right chemistry, but they can greatly enhance a night out and get you out of your comfort zone.

I take the role of wingman during my 7-Day Programmes. Why not get in touch and see how I can boost your game the next time you head to the club?

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