How To Tell If A Girl Likes You

December 4, 2015 - 15 minutes read

How to teDoes She Really Like You?

Somehow you’ve spotted a girl who you like. In your head at this moment you are wondering if she likes you. How would you know? Is it worth you trying to make the right moves or is it a waste of your time if she clearly isn’t bothered? Here are some tell-tale ways you can use to tell if a girl likes you and if things are going to proceed in any meaningful way.

Whether you are currently talking online, through social media, in person or your phone, these top tips will help you decipher what is going on in her head. A lot of it comes down to being able to read a woman’s body language and picking up signals about how she is thinking inside.

So let’s take a look.

Top Signs that a girl likes you

Texting you

If a girl initiates texting you then this is generally a good sign. She wants to talk to you. If her text talk is open ended, leading to further questions then this is a good sign. However if she usually sends short replies, with a full stop then this is not a good sign.

Touches you during a date typically more than 5 times

This could be anywhere from touching you on your arms, shoulders or knees. Even if it was an “accidental” touch (or so she claims) it’s actually her way of flirting with you. She wants to touch you and feels comfortable being within your personal space. It’s just the same when it comes to a hug – if she offers a longer than usual deep hug then that is also a sure fire way of saying she is into you.

Talks to her friends and mentions this in conversation

This is an easy big pointer. What she is doing here is she is seeking her friends’ affirmation about you. She is letting you know that her friends are OK about you in much the same way as she is.

Posts pictures of you both together on her social media

Posts things on your Facebook wall or tags you into things This is a big clue to her thoughts. If she posts a picture or a funny video for example she is thinking “oh he would love this” – in much the same way as it is for us men.

Talking together seems endless and so easy going

When time passes and conversation flows effortlessly, and a 2 hour conversation seems like much longer, this is a very good sign – she is comfortable opening up to you.

Revealing her inner person

If she reveals her quirky side, talks about her favourite books or is happy to share some of her funnier or quirkier sides to her personality etc. then this is another great signal that she is very comfortable.

Excited when you call her

When you call she seems excited to talk – if the conversation carries on for more than 5-10 minutes this is a positive sign. If the call lasts just a minute or two then the signal is not so good.

So how do you know how interested she is?

If she is showing you five or more of these signs, it’s a great sign from her and very likely she’s interested in a relationship.
If she is showing you three or four of these signs she’s definitely showing that she is interested but is not letting herself “fully fall for you” just yet. Things probably need more time to develop.

One or two of these signs isn’t enough to tell if she likes you. It’s not the end, and doesn’t mean you should go home. What it does mean is that she needs more time to figure things out so if you like her, continue pursuing the dates and wait for her to show you more signs. If these are not forthcoming after another date then maybe it’s time to stop trying.

No signs – It’s quite clear she isn’t entirely bothered. You’d be better just being yourself, friendly and enjoying the time rather than pursuing things to a deeper level.

Body Language when a girl likes you

This is the section you need to pay closer attention to. A woman gives off a lot of signals subtly and subconsciously which you can easily pick up if you are concentrating on reading her body language.

Her eyes.

Generally when talking if her eyes have dilated pupils (wide), or she holds your gaze for long periods of time (even if she quickly averts/looks down when you look right back), and then returns your gaze this is a good sign. If she is smiling while looking at your eyes is also a good sign. Just watching her eyes can tell you a lot about what she is thinking.

You can use this moment to compliment her looks or eyes and its usually a winner!

If you are in a crowded room and she seeks to make eye contact with you first it means she was thinking about you (even before she entered the room!) and seeking you out first, even if she then goes to her friends.

Her hair

Girls do sometimes knowingly do this, but most of the time they do not. She may be playing with hair while talking to you. This is a subconscious thing that stems from her wanting to keep her hair in place while talking to you.

On a windy day she may want to put things back into place or straighten up a curl – she is making sure her appearance is the best it can be.

Her lips

Here are some more signs you can easily learn from. If a girl is touching or biting them what she is doing is invoking a subconscious involuntary response in you. She is actually subconsciously saying she wants you to be touching or kissing them thinking you – that is if course unless she’s got cold sores and suffering from them!

If she licks her lips, she is trying to ensure that she her lips remain moist ready for when you go in for a kiss. There is nothing worse that dry cracked lips, and a woman knows this.

Women are much more in tune than men and generally give off dozens of subconscious signals whereas men typically have a range of no more than 10!

Her body

If she is facing you then she’s generally wanting to show that she is listening and interested in what you’ve got to say.

If you are both standing together, look out for other subtle signs such as whether or not her feet are pointing towards yours or away. Towards you is a good sign.

Her hair

This is another well known signal that a lot of women know about and do consciously yet they still do this subconsciously too. They may be twirling their hair while looking in your eyes. This is a big sign. You really need to get proficient at reading the signs in order to see success.

Her voice

She will be upbeat, and might even laugh at your “not so good” jokes. If she seems to be talking at the same tone and level, looking away she is clearly not interested.

Her face

She will be smiling, eyes open wide and looking right at you. She is definitely interested in seeing how this date goes.

How to tell if a girl likes your body language

Us men generally show off body language too, and our signs are usually quite easy to spot, so by looking at the above signs you can tell if she is responding to your body language in a positive manner or not.

If you’re showing interest in her, facing her and she holds your gaze back then this is usually a good sign BUT don’t overdo the gaze at first though else she may think you’re a player after one thing. 5 seconds is the maximum!

Get good at reading their body language!

focus almost entirely on READING what their body is saying and it will go a very long way – rather than trying to impress them

If you are acting confident, smiling, happy and flirtatious and she responds with similar flirtatious responses then this is positive.

For example if you’re in the street, and you spot a girl you like, and as you walk near one another she smiles with eye contact, this is a great positive sign. You should always stop and talk to her.

The same thing goes for if she looks at you, then looks down submissively then quickly looks back at you again before walking by. She is interested!

Once you pas one another, take a look back. If after you pass she looks back at you then you must stop, talk to her and get her number.

If you are standing in line at a supermarket and making eye contact with the cashier there are some clues she will give off. If she smiles, flips her hair, pushes out her breasts to make them more prominent while looking this is good. Basically she is checking to make sure her appearance is good (a subconscious thing).

Signs a girl likes you body language

Your body language also gives off signs and you can check her responses to see if she approves or not. You may be sitting on the edge of your seat to show more interest, or facing her, or adjusting your clothing. These are all subconscious things men do to show they are interested.

You might roll and squeeze a glass in your fingers while talking to her (giving off subtle signals of what you’d like to do to her) or you may stroke your chin or cheeks or stand with your body taut, trying to emphasize your muscles.

You may also have your hands on your hips, with your fingers pointing “down” or you may even sit with your legs wide open, showing “what you’ve got to offer”. These are all subtle things men do without realising it.

It’s important that you are aware of your own signs, so you can check to see if she is responding in a positive way. If you do any of these things you need to pay attention to her body language to see if she is interested. If she generally responds positively, by continuously holding your gaze, flirting, playing with hair, licking lips etc. then its a sure fire winner!

Is it the right time for a kiss?

You will know instinctively in most cases but if not, you might be sitting or standing close and holding each others gaze. Her chin may be slightly forward, and she will be looking right into your eyes. Now is the perfect time.

Your goal for the next week is to start paying attention to what she is doing and how she responds to you. Start looking for just one or two things and you’ll begin to notice a lot more than you imagined!

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