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Singapore is an amazing international hub for technology and business, as well as being altogether cleaner and more orderly than most places you’ll visit. It’s also right on the cutting edge of technology and developing startups, so the women you meet here will be savvy, smart and from all over the place.

It’s a fantastic place with a broad choice of women to meet, but you will also need an adaptable, flexible style when approaching women in Singapore, and if you’re there for work or business reasons, the chances are you’re too busy to put in enough time to find the woman that’s right for you. Or, the choice is so overwhelming that you wouldn’t even know where to start.

If the above sound all too familiar, chances are your life would be greatly enriched by working with a dating coach.

Johnny Cassell is your only choice for dedicated, in-field dating trainer services. A decade deep in skill-developing and tutoring experience, he offers a proven rate of success with women that triples under his guidance. his background in behavioural psychology means that he is not coaching you to be the best Casanova – he is pushing you to be the best you.

This means that you not only pick up personalised and bespoke seduction techniques that work for you, but develop core confidence and self-esteem that you can take from the bar to the bedroom to the boardroom and beyond. The key is knowing what makes a fully self-realised man, and developing your self-belief through interactions with the opposite sex. At his centre, though, Johnny Cassell is a core confidence coach over and above a dating coach.

Johnny can make a profound difference to your life in the following areas:

  • Harnessing the power of a first impression using only conversation
  • Grounding and putting into motion your beliefs to overcome your barriers
  • Owning attractiveness
  • Studying a mans purpose
  • Defeating social anxiety – creating social opportunity
  • Figuring out your goals – and how to get them
  • Being completely at ease with your body language
  • Vocal training – how to express your confidence
  • Learning the real methodology behind attraction
  • Fortifying your self-esteem
  • Clarifying and emboldening your self-image

You’re only a few good choices away from finding and seducing the right girl for you – on your terms.

For the best dating advice and relationship advice in Singapore, visit and begin your journey of self-realisation.


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