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January 31, 2012 - 9 minutes read

So I suppose I broke my promise with myself to keep the blogs coming in on a weekly basis. Damn.

Let me update you…

January Kezia Noble Bootcamp

First bootcamp of the year and I’ll be honest with you it pretty much rocked. The students showed great enthusiasm and got some sensational results.
Numbers, make out’s, same night success and girlfriends. Yeah, that’s right, I have even been in touch with one guy to tell me he has started dating one of the girls he met that night and Its working out really well.

Highlights for me:

1) Hadassa Noble’s Japanese night game outfit

2) Students calling me the next day telling me about their same night success

3) Experimenting with breaking a few of my own rules in night game for some interesting results

The next Kezia Noble Bootcamps coming up are on the following dates:
25th February
24th March
28th April

To register your interest simply email me at [email protected]

My students have balls…

It was coming to the end of a 6 hr day game session where we was in Piccadilly Circus. I was just about to wrap the day up with the student. When I saw this gorgeous tall blond with cover model features emerge from the sea of tourists and commuters. I looked at the student and told him to look at what I was looking at. She was literally in the middle of doing a shoot. The photographer was there, the lighting people were there. It was madness.

I looked at him and asked him “Do you choose to have that calibre of beauty of women in your life?”

He looked at her, then back at me and said “Ye of course”

“Well… feel that burning desire inside and make it happen” I told him

He found his moment and off he went. Straight up to her and approached her.

The approach could have gone better than how it went. But for me I was happy, the student had a moment of self realisation and acted upon it.
He had founded the basis of building something beautiful. Making a choice to act and apply himself in the steps to getting what he wants. Realising moments like that don’t come up every day. So when they do, you have to seize the moment.

Sometime its takes that little kick up the backside to get your ass in gear so it finally sticks. That’s where I come in 😉

If you have any enquiries on my 1:1 training and what I can do for you, just fire me an email: [email protected]

Students first night on the 7 day course

“We’re just going to take it light tonight, its your first night. Ill just get you in the swing of things with the basics and we’ll see how it goes from there” – more or less the first thing I told the student upon meeting him after him coming back from getting all suaved out my men’s super stylist Daniel Johnson.

It’s monday night, so its naturally quiet. We go over some basic theory over a glass of wine until the place starts filling out a bit. Boom. Two set ordering cocktails at the bar, “warm up set” I tell him. I tell him how to carry himself what to open with and most importantly WHEN to break rapport. As the very first set of the week it goes quite well actually. I’m happy because he listened and done very well at applying what we just went over. I’m happy because he didn’t make any excuses why he can’t approach. I’m happy because I can see the glare in his eyes that tells me ‘I enjoyed that’.

So we open a few more sets in the bar. I suggest we move on and do a bit of street game on our way to the next bar. We get out and back on to the street. Oh Ye, I forgot it’s minus 2 tonight! Fuck street game lets just pick up the pace and get to the next bar. We spend little time in this next venue but the time that is spent is spent learning the dynamics of a mixed set. I get the student to open a set that appears to consist of 1 guy and 5 girls. Bang he’s in, I like working with this guy. No excuses, listens and applies. Beautiful almost text book. Opened the guy, validated the guy, gathered information about the set and began to work it accordingly. It didn’t take long till he realised the set that he just opened wasn’t a 5 set… oh no. It was a huge 24 set! a great big college trip all crammed in one bar. Very quickly he became the centre of attention that everyone was curious of and eager to learn more. Ok we had our fun here. “Lets get out of here” I said. “I get a feeling you like classy upmarket lounge type bars, am I right?” ” Oh yes” he smiled. I knew a good place.  We swiftly made our way fighting through the minus 2 bitter cold to the next venue I wanted to take him too. We grab a space round the seating area occupied by young professionals, Arab oil tycoons and a classy middle aged women.

I tell him an important aspect of game is to not only to be comfortable with yourself but to also spend time to get comfortable with the environment.

And that we did. Then bam! Two hot young professional looking girls roll up. I tell the student how to approach and he follows my exact guidelines. I tell him “They are both looking for fun. Assume it’s on. Game both of them. This is your first chance to practice your threesome game”.

After a lengthy set of kino, teasing, games, and push pull tactics on BOTH girls he left the set with their numbers. I personally think if this happened a couple more days into the course the guy would of been leaving with both of them in each arm. But hey It’s his first day and we were just taking it lightly :p

If you want to start increasing your current level of success with women, building confidence and self-esteem then remember to send Johnny an email directly: [email protected] and get started with one on one pick up master class training.
Where you can work with top Dating consultant Johnny and take your game to the next level.

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