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Your New Years Wine Resolution – Less is More

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My J Young takes over the blog once again to deliver an insiders insight on what we need to be getting to grips with in the New Year…

It’s the new year; you’ve joined a gym, you’ve cut out fast food and you haven’t had a drink in a couple of weeks.  The first two of these are great but are you really not going to drink for the rest of January?  You deserve a treat for all your other New Year efforts I know you do. I’m not suggesting we return to the blur that was December (and half of November) but I am a believer in moderation and quite frankly this ‘no wine’ rule is getting old.  Why not drink a bit less but bump the quality up a bit?  You will not be disappointed I assure you.


I love to drink great wine but sadly my pockets aren’t as deep as the likes of Mike D and Jay Z so I make very careful choices about what I spend my hard earned cash on.  Maybe I sacrifice that bottle of mid week plonk for something a bit special on Friday night; or maybe I do a bit of research and travel a little further for the perfect bottle as opposed to settling for whatever the supermarket shelves are holding that week. The point I’m making is that we can still enjoy a guilt free January if we choose to drink a little less but really savour the odd tipple we inevitably succumb to.


I’ve come across an amazing trio of wines which I think are really worth checking out if you’re looking to cut back the volume and pump up the quality.  The first is the Cardela 2009 Crianza, Bohorquez from Ribera Del Duero.  This is a wonderfully smooth and easy drinking wine; think red fruits, a hint of spice and a lovely lick of vanilla to finish it off. It punches hugely above its weight and is a bargain for around £10 normally.


Number two is a white from burgundy, France; the 2011 St Aubin Premier Cru by Domaine Gérard Thomas.  This is a really great value wine from this part of the world as it’s right next door to some very famous vineyards that demand sky high prices so at around only £20; it’s a steal.  It’s bright citrus fruit is cut in half by a piercing minerality and rounded all together and the end with a sensual creamy finish.   If this is your only drink of the week, who cares; it’s that good.

The final is the Guidalberto 2010 by Tenuta San Guido, second wine of the very famous Sassicaia.  This is a cracking wine and considering how much it’s big brother costs (upwards of £150 for recent vintages) it is really good value at around £30. It is made predominantly from the Cabernet Sauvignon grape and needs a bit of time before it really gets into its stride so get those decanters out.  When given a few hours to breath this wine comes alive with bright cassis, a great earthy texture and whopping minerality. The finish on this wine shows its true quality and you’ll be tasting it long after that final sip.  Be sure to drink this little number with some rich Italian fare and you’ll be very happy you read this.

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