3 Hang-Ups Men Have – And How to Overcome Them

August 11, 2014 - 6 minutes read

The 3 Main Hangs Up Men Have - And How To Overcome Them

I’m going to teach you about 3 hang-ups that men will generally have when first starting to build up their confidence in approaching women.

Number one: She’s too hot, she’s too attractive, she’s out of my league.

Let me tell you something that will change how you view hot girls. Beautiful looking women do not get approached. Most men have the same mind-set as you do right now. They think that they will instantly get rejected, that she only goes for athletes or models. This is ridiculous. Learn from your own reference points.

You only have this limited belief because you have zero reference, or you had one bad experience in the past. Our view on reality is based on our own reference points. So, use your time now to go out and talk to beautiful women and build up this bank of positive reference points. What you will build up is the valuable experience of how to talk to these people. You will learn what responses to say, you will learn that most people are the same. The more you do this, the quicker your responses will be and the stronger your interactions will be.

Number two: She doesn’t want to be disturbed, she’s with her friends, she looks like she’s busy.

Understand that your reality is stronger than theirs. They need to feel like they’re a part of your reality. Women want to be approached. I mention this in every event I talk at and to every student I work with.

Think about the society we’re brought up in. We’re brought up watching these romantic comedies and reading all these magazines in which there are people having wonderful romances. She’s been conditioned to want that. She wants to find that, to live that fantasy. It is your duty as a man to give her that. In fact, it’s selfish of you to keep that from her, especially if you’re reading my blogs and watching my videos and all these other sources that are around, you have the information and you’re just not doing it. You selfish person! Get off your arse and go and meet beautiful women because they definitely want to meet you.

Number three: Rejection

As guys we have this ego that we hold on to, don’t we? It’s a distorted vision of how we’re supposed to be. Let me tell you something. The moment you change what goes on in your mind is the moment you change your reality. When I first started out, I said I was prepared to lose every beautiful girl I meet until I met the one girl I wanted to be with. I envisioned a girl with certain qualities and I said I wasn’t going to stop until I find her.

What you end up doing is putting less value in to each interaction. You put the value into the vision itself, and away from each individual girl. Of course, by definition, you’re going to meet some amazing people on the way. By definition you’re going to meet a lot of people who could add a lot of value to your life. But you need to remember what’s important – that’s your vision – and hold onto it.

That’s what differentiates you from being just another guy who settles for something out of convenience with someone in a mutual friend group. This is what strengthens your reality.

Understand that by using the word rejection, you’re not actually getting anywhere. You need to understand that we learn from making mistakes. If you’re too scared to make mistakes, then you might never learn and you may as well give up now. If you’re not prepared to make mistakes, then you’re not prepared to win. No one got successful just like that. They make thousands, hundreds of thousands of mistakes to get where they are now – and I can speak from personal experience. I’ve made so many mistakes but I was prepared to make them until I got what I wanted. So, be prepared to make the mistakes, until you fulfil your vision.

So these are the three main hang-ups that men have when approaching women. I hope you got a lot of value from reading. Remember to check out the rest of the website for a lot more information about live events that are coming up and about my private and confidential one-on-one training.

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